It seeks to erect sound institutional mechanisms which will help all the benefits of all Central and State schemes to reach the target populations by convergence of resources. The government aims for holistic development of tribals by plugging in the infrastructural gaps and lags in human development indices. Also, the already existing institutions which carry out delivery of goods and services in the economy need to be strengthened further. The funds which are allocated by the state governments should be properly used to build robust systems of implementation.

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It aims at creating an environment will incorporate quality social and civil infrastructure, and sustainable livelihood, employment, and entrepreneurship in tribal areas such that the income of every tribal family doubles. The Government of India, the ministry of tribal affairs has launched Vanbandhu Kalyan Yojana for the welfare of tribal. It basically aims at creating enabling an environment for need-based and outcome-oriented holistic development of the tribal people.

This process envisages to ensure that all the intended benefits of goods and services under various programmes of central and state governments actually reach the target groups by convergence of resources through the appropriate institutional mechanism. The major objectives of this scheme is to improve the life quality of people in tribal areas, improving the education system in such areas, to protect the tribal heritage and culture, conquer infrastructural gaps with the focus on quality and qualitative though sustainable employment for tribal families.

If this constitutional background is not available at such places, it is a responsibility of Ministry of Tribal Affairs to establish the one. Vocational training centers in tribal areas depending upon their educational qualification, present economical trend and the market potential. State Grants for different categories such as Eklavya model residential school and Development of forest village. Scheme of development of particularly vulnerable tribal groups PVGs Strengthening education for ST girls in low literacy districts.

For the above-mentioned Schemes, project implementation cell with 26 professionals is set at the Tribal Welfare Department of each state. A lot is being done on this project for the enhancement of VKY. Employment, Animal Husbandry, Agricultural diversification and mechanization projects, Economic, health, education, water, housing development is the base of Vanbandhu Kalyan Yojana.


Vanbandhu Kalyan Yojana Online Details Tribal Welfare Department Schemes

Read More roviding water supply at the door step of every tribal household is essential in to improve the quality of life. Most of the tribal areas are characterised by hilly terrain, rocky sub strata and presence of forest on large chunks which makes the problem of supplying safe drinking water difficult. Water Supply and Sanitation Department through various water supply schemes viz, Individual or group piped water supply schemes, Hand Pumps are constructed to provide drinking water supply Read More Most of the Tribal population are engaged in agricultural for livelihood, therefore, improvement in irrigation facilities act as a special booster for them. Greater focus on group wells and lift irrigation based check dams is needed in order to support agriculture in tribal areas and reduce dependence on monsoon for irrigation Read More Providing quality power supply to all tribal areas for accelerated socio-economic development of tribal community is essential. Therefore, providing electricity to all has been given special focus under VKY. More than 1, Peta Paras and 1.


Vanbandhu Kalyan Yojana

Tribal Area Key features of the Vanbandhu Kalyan Yojana Development of tribal areas all over the country — As per the details highlighted in the scheme, the central government will assist the respective bodies to bring about holistic development in the lives of tribal people. It will be implemented in any and every part of the country that has tribal population. Central and state cooperation is a must — It is clear that the operation of the program is the brain child of the central government. But it will require the assistance of the state government in each area for the successful implementation.


Chief Minister's Ten Point Programme


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