It has a short section on decoding dreams and a rather extensive dream dictionary with a biblical emphasis. This book is valuable because of the way he links imagery to scripture. As I read through it, it occurred to me that it would be very helpful in doing work on the Dreams of my namesake, Perpetua of Carthage. However, I was very uncomfortable with his approach to sin and his emphasis on demons. I have heard others discuss the issue of demons and witchcraft with regard to dreams. But I have simply not had experience with demons or witchcraft.

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For those who have ever had a dream in which they think God was speaking to them, this practical guide, written from the Christian perspective, helps readers understand the symbolic language of dreams. It is very clear and to the point I highly recommend this book!!!!!

I love this book I love this book and refer to it often. I have not only referred to it for insight and interpretations of my own dreams, but also that of my children, family and friends. I keep it handy in my night stand. The only thing that would make it better is a lengthier key word dictionary, as there have been occasions where I could not find a word I was looking for. This book will help you understand and interprerate your dreams. We all dream at night and want to know the meaning of our dreams.

This book will help guide you through them. Limited scope I hardly dream at night. But on 3 occasions I had dreams, of which 2 of them were a warning of what was happening at that time. I was searching for an answer to my recent third dream and a friend passed this book to me. This book covers on the possible interpretations of colors, animals, places and numbers in dreams, without giving any contextual or environmental contents or conditions.

After reading through this book, I felt each of us has to interpret the symbols in our dreams in the right context. And the interpretation of symbols given by this book may or may not be valid to your dream.

So be forewarned to merely use this for references. Eventually, you have to pray and let the Holy Spirit guide you in your interpretation of your dreams. The giver of the dreams holds the key to the messages behind the dreams you dream. Understanding the Dreams you Dream I highly recommed the book! I have referenced it many times and now better understand my recent past, present and future. The only limitation is that not every symbol I dream about is included in the material.

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Understanding the Dreams You Dream Revised and Expanded - eBook



Ultimate Guide To Understanding The Dreams You Dream, The


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