Print this page. Purpose: high torque transmission in limited space. GMB is specialized in universal joint, key element of module like drive shaft or propeller shaft. GMB also covers global aftermarket with wider range line-up and proudly extends our brand name. GMB maintains production and engineering knowledge and experience to produce universal joints of the highest quality viable at economical cost.

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By combining innovative technology, technical expertise and advanced manufacturing equipment, we are able to develop and manufacture high performance and reliable bearings for the aerospace and aviation industry. By Industry Agriculture We rely on the production of food, fiber and other agricultural products more than we realize. By Industry Automotive There are more than million vehicles on the European roads with a huge variety of brands and models.

The great challenge for a car manufacturer is to sustain the car performance while reducing its environmental impact. By Industry Construction Construction industry lies at the base of the world economy. Be it residential, commercial, heavy, civil or industrial edifice, they all require reliable heavy duty machinery and long term, trouble free functioning. By Industry Machine tool Market demand for increased productivity and product machining efficiency has led to regular improvements in speed and efficiency of machine tools.

By using the high-quality bearings, the level of performance can be increased at the same time. Our Koyo branded machine tool bearings are promoting a higher speed, excellent accuracy and stability.

The CT-scan Computed Tomography is one of the devices which are being used for preventive and diagnostic screening in modern health care. By Industry Motorcycle The many bearings in a motorcycle have various functions such as supporting a spinning crankshaft or keeping the wheels on the road. They guide and support moving parts, reduce emitted heat, alleviate friction and minimize power loss.

Koyo is a manufacturer of motorcycle bearings for several well-known motorcycle brands like Kawasaki and Suzuki. We offer a range of bearings for a variety of applications including chassis, engine and motorcycle transmission.

By Industry Railway Rail transport is a major form of passenger and freight transport all over the world. Railway vehicles are exposed to tough continuous use for a very long time, often in harsh conditions. It goes without saying that safety, reliability and fault-free operation is required from any component used for such applications. By Industry Replacement market Replacement market automotive and industrial Our advanced technologies are a guarantee of a long lasting performance and high reliability of Koyo products, which is of particular value to the aftermarket user.

Needless to say, we apply JTEKT elevated level of research and development to serve this market segment as well. By Industry Steel It is difficult to imagine a world without steel and iron, so used have we grown to its everyday presence in our lives.

The global steel consumption has risen significantly in the course of the 20th century, in highly developed, emerging and developing economies likewise. The steel consumption of a country has been a barometer for measuring the dynamics of economic progress.

JTEKT is making its contribution to this immense industry by manufacturing a large range of bearings which are being used in the steel manufacturing plants. The most common use is in automobile vehicles but they are also being used in a lot of agricultural, industrial and construction equipment and wind turbines.

Transmissions and gears have several important functions but their main job is to provide speed and torque conversions in motorized equipment. Even before the ratification of the Kyoto protocol in , JTEKT already made its important contribution to the wind turbine industry by using advanced technology and knowledge to develop and manufacture reliable, state of the art bearings.

By Industry Electrical High performance and reliable bearings for a huge variety of electrical applications. JTEKT develops and manufacture high performance and reliable bearings for a huge variety of electrical applications for the power tool market but also consumer goods market like washing, fitness and copying machines.

Our products competitive edge means an improved performance, longer life and the capability to operate in a variety of marine environments.





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