Biography[ edit ] Julie Garwood was raised in Kansas City, Missouri , the sixth of seven children in a large Irish family. After having a tonsillectomy at age six, because she missed so much school, she did not learn to read as the other children her age did. She was eleven before her mother realized Garwood was unable to read. A math teacher, Sister Elizabeth, devoted the entire summer that year to teaching Garwood how to read, and how to enjoy the stories she was reading.

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This book had as many sparks as wet fireworks and as much spice as vanilla pudding. I wish I could say that the story was a startling new take on an old favorite with quirky, humorous characters and epic intrigue. Yes, it was ten years ago this year that Julie Garwood authored a little book called "Heartbreaker. You can basically pick up the same plot in "Sizzle," "Slow Burn," "Killjoy," "Mercy," or any of the other contemporaries she has published since You have the "smart" and "gorgeous" heroine named insert ultra-feminine, but still slightly masculine name here , who works as a insert job title here , but stumbles into trouble through no fault of her own when she insert thing she did here.

Here comes the hero named insert cool, buff, hardened hero name here to the rescue. And, hey, that hero is pretty irresistible himself.

So, by page 16, our lovers are checking out the threadcount on the sheets, and by page , we are talking serious commitment. In any case, I have written reviews for Ms. Garwood in the past where I begged her to return to the historical romance world where her characters shined and her storylines were like a cool drink of water after a hot day in the desert. So, I am not going to ask for that this time. No, I am going to make my plea a simple one.

Pick a different plot. Any plot will do. No, really. I mean it. Do it, Ms. Do it while you still have some cred left.


REVIEW: Sizzle by Julie Garwood

Special Agent Samuel Wellington Kincaid received a standing ovation when he finished his lecture. He gave a quick nod then tried to leave the podium and the auditorium, but he was pulled back by another FBI agent who insisted that, as soon as the cheering and clapping stopped, Sam answer questions. Knowing he should cooperate, he nodded again and waited for the audience of cadets and future FBI agents to quiet down. Like most people, Sam hated giving speeches, especially those concerning his work in intelligence, but this was a training seminar and a goodwill mission, and he had been ordered by his superiors to talk about his role in the dramatic capture of the notorious Edward Chester, a radical white supremacist and one of the most elusive criminals in many years. Despite his reluctance, Sam had been scheduled to conduct five of these seminars around the country. Next week he would fly to Seattle for the third and then on to Los Angeles.


Julie Garwood

If readers speculate that Sam Kincaid might be a descendant from Alec Kincaid, they would be right, although little is made of this. Lyra Prescott is a grad student making a documentary film for a project in one of her classes. She initially chooses to do a documentary on Paraiso Park to show how idyllic parks are for families sounds like one of the most boring documentaries ever but when she goes out to Paraiso Park, she finds it to be a toxic waste dump, abandoned and unhealthy. She sets up a camera to take time elapsed photos of the dumping. She also finds a small, pristine and isolated area in the park that looks like a memorial.

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