Evaluation Certified by A well-drafted document instantly attracts the attention of the court. Any failure, however little, in bringing out the material issues would be fatal to the matter under consideration. Therefore, it is pertinent that one has an accurate understanding of the concerned issues, so that, relevant question are brought before the court for successful adjudication. Pleadings assist lawyers in their endeavor to enter active practice. According to the law firm and our policy, the course fees will not be refunded.

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Karnataka State Law University - A total of 30 such questions will be asked for your assignment. Prakash ,a resident of Bangalore entered into an agreement with Smt. The above agreement was registered. In that agreement they entered a clause saying that if a sale deed is not executed with in the said period by the seller, the registered agreement will be treated as a sale deed and the purchaser can take the possession.

On 20th sep Mr. Prakash went and asked for execution of sale deed from Smt. Rashmi ,who refused to execute the same. Ramesh filed case. Draft a plaint for this case. He entered into a contract with Bhimmanna who is a whole sale shop owner to supply bags of rice to him everyday. Jayaraj took token money from Bhimmanna as a consideration. After few days that Jayraj told that he can not supply the good to Bimmanna for consideration which he had accepted and he demanded more amount from the buyer.

Bhimanna filed a case against Jayaraj. Draft a written statement. Draft an interlocutory application requesting for granting of temporary injunction. Dharmesh and Vydehi are married according the hindu ceremonies and registered their marriage in Hubli in the year After few years the marriage fell on rocks.

Both husband and wife decide to take divorce. Sheela had lent Draft an execution petition. Draft a writ petition under article of Constitution of India. The forum granted only 2 lakhs. Draft a petition for Narmada. Jack in the year Draft a memorandum of appeal. Amith ,residing in kolkotta member of a joint family. Along with him Surya, Banu and Ajith are also the members of joint family. They have 7 acres of agricultural land in same vicinity. In they divided the agricultural land among themselves on the basis of oral partition, but they failed to enforce the same.

After 2yrs Amith asked the other members to execute a separate partition deed which was denied by them. They said that they divide the property according to the old partition but Amith did not accept this. He filed a partition suit in court. Court decreed the suit saying that a now partition deed must be executed. The defendants filed a revision petition against the order of the lower court.

Draft a revision petition. Drithi wife of Ramesh resident of Mangalore lodged a FIR against Ramesh alleging that he has harassed her for more dowry. He subjected her to cruelty. Police framed charge sheet under section A of IPC. Draft a criminal complaint. Shruthi married to Sagar and were residing in Madras he was in illicit relation ship with a married women.

Shruthi got to know this. She filed criminal complaint against her Sagar. Police officers arrested him and produce before the magistrate. He filed a bail application before the magistrate requesting to grant the same. Draft a bail application. Bharathi married to Santhosh and they were residing in Madras he was in illicit relationship with a married women. Bharathi got to know this. She filed criminal complaint against her husband.

Before the police could arrest him he filed a bail application to prevent his arrest. Draft an anticipatory bail application. Kumar filed a complaint against Rahul under section of Negotiable instrument Act before Judicial magistrate court in Mysore. Draft a complaint. Note: 1. Students are required to draft the above assignment in white executive bond sheets in one side and it should be hand written.

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Certificate in Drafting, Pleading and Conveyance

A cooperative Society registered under the Delhi co- operative societies Act, having its office at …………. In a suit before the civil court it is the Union of India or the state concerned which is required to be sued cpnveyancing Art, of the constitution of India. Appoint of limitation is prima facie admissible even in a court of last resort. It deals with the principles of and procedure for drafting various notices, plaints, written statements, conveyqncing applications, marriage petitions, petitions under succession law, consumer law, criminal complaints and applications, appeal and revision and writ petitions.





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