Care must therefore be taken to avoid them but there are exceptions — for instance see Boleslavsky hole below. In the absence of these structural weaknesses, it is not possible to classify a pawn formation as good or bad — much depends on the positions of the pieces. However, the pawn formation does determine the overall strategies of the players to a large extent, even if arising from unrelated openings. Pawn formations symmetrical about a vertical line such as the e5 Chain and the d5 Chain may appear similar, but they tend to have entirely different characteristics because of the propensity of the kings to castle on the kingside.

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If so, is it good and worthwhile purchasing? If not, is there something else that is better for learning about pawn structure? IM Danny Rensch recommends it to accompany his pawn structure videos. I need to give it another go.

You could do a Search Forums for some earlier threads on the subject. None of the games have much annotation. You need to be a good player before you read the book and be willing to do a lot of work. They are both way beyond my comprehension.

Where are the pawn breaks, how the structure can change afterwards, what side of the board makes sense to play on, and how you can form short and long term plans around these considerations. It wont be as useful for everyone, but it was great for me. It iis a very good book. Well worth the price, and an important addition to chess improvement. Not as a "read the book and learn the material" type book, but as a reference book for use during correspondence games.

Guess it depends on how your brain is wired. I find figurine algebraic even easier than the regular algebraic. It along with flipping through a couple thousand master games is what allowed me to ascend from an level player to a uscf player in the last four years. I did a lot of other things too but without the understanding from this book none of the rest would have helped, it was a big turning point for me. This is the best book for beginning your education into pawn structures.

There are books that go deeper on specific structures, but this gives you a good level of understanding of all the main ones except for some Nimzo stuff. Thanks Rogue, that really helps. Understanding pawn structures is like a military commander reading the lay of the land so as to effectively deploy his forces for battle. Ignore this at your peril. Soltis communicates well. Love his work. Jan 5, 14 candyass4ever wrote: Excellent teaching tool.

Excellent analogy.


Pawn Structure Chess



Pawn Structure Chess by A.Soltis



Pawn structure



pawn structures


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