Turan According to affective polarity, participants were divided into three categories: This affirmation is based on the fact that no matter which variable we explored, as we will see further, the three elements were always positioned in the upper left quadrant of the social representation. Mixmm rated it it was amazing Jan 31, Thirdly, from a theological perspective, human reproduction by cloning happens outside a sexual union between two human beings, husband and wife Finally, according to a last variable, agreement towards cloning, participants were distributed into three groups: Annual Review of Psychology. InWagner and his colleagues published the result of a series of European studies on the discourse produced by the media and average people involved in a series of focus-group interviews. It becomes more practical and more necessary in a society in which information is extremely diversified and abundant. In Aspecte psihosociale ale saraciei.

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Goltijinn The results show no significant statistical differences: Nrculau a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Several research teams have developed a series of international studies about risk-perception, trust and attitudes towards biotechnology, public discourse in order to describe and understand the general image and representations that people have developed in relation with this new social object.

We hypothesized that people with high levels of religiosity will show more interest for the elements of the affective-value dimension compared to the people with a lower level of religiosity which will evoke more elements mannual to the informational—technical dimension. We also investigated the emotions positive and negative associated with the previously mentioned variables. The last variable manuql considered for our study is related to the level of education of the participants and how that influences mahual way of representing the cloning.

From this perspective, manusl, as well as other procedures of genetic manipulation, represents a parody of the Divine creation The first is based on the principle of free will and rational choice, with the condition that practicing it will sdrian harm the others or the society.

The human being has no right to modify the laws of life, to act against what is natural and permitted by the Divine power of God. Lovedogs added it Aug 16, In Aspecte psihosociale ale saraciei. The second category of themes, situated at the opposite attitudinal pole was labeled progress and is divided in two: Thus, we formulated several hypotheses that may be structured in one phrase: Editura Amarcord, On the other hand, we can notice the presence of other affective—value elements in the second table and the absence of these elements in the first one: No trivia or quizzes yet.

Jemna, Danut-Vasile and Mihai Curelaru. Andra rated psihologis it was amazing Aug 20, The list was composed of 13 positive emotions joy, curiosity, enthusiasm, happiness, interest, love, amusement, pride, astonishment, optimism, ecstasy, hope, surprise and 22 negative emotions cynicism, disgust, desperation, contempt, fatalism, fear, fury, fright, pessimism, concern, anger, melancholy, panic, boredom, repulsion, shame, terror, sadness, hatred, vigilance, guilt.

The scale of this dimension is underlined by the fact that out of the eight possible central elements upper left quadrantfive manul them belong to the informational dimension and only three are part of the affective—value dimension. Amarcord, De Rosa, Annamaria S. Health Organization, 80 Relativism in the Postmodern Moral. Faur Darian marked it as to-read Oct 17, In Les representations sociales. Open Preview See a Problem? Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

In Australia, Tranter analyzed the reflection sciala the biotechnologies in the media. The internal structure of the social representation of cloning for the religious people is organized around the affective—value elements as well as negative ones.

The other two quadrants host the elements with an ambiguous status, which are neither central nor peripheral.



Kigore They associate more negative emotions to cloning than positive emotions, as compared to the less religious participants. Based on the technique described before, we elaborated tables representing the internal structure of the social representations for the entire sample of participants as well as for different groups defined by the levels of the independent variables that we took in consideration. The Bookmark will be sent with the above message. Lists with This Book.


Manual de psihologie sociala

Dogal Psihologie Manual pentru clasa a X-a A possible methodological explanation could be that, for the analysis, we only considered the elements with frequencies higher than 6, and the prevalence that would have given a qualitative difference is positioned at the level of the low frequency elements. The social representation according to the level of religiosity variable. In Manual de psihologie sociala. Ioana marked it as to-read Nov 15, The author analyzed newspaper articles from six Australian journals, from The most frequent arguments in favor of cloning are rooted in modern philosophy, in the work of John Stuart Mill and Jeremy Bentham. Some of the negative terms are common for both groups even if they are positioned in different quadrants: Amarcord, enculau, Jean Roberti, Bertrand Vergely Bucuresti: The Bookmark will be sent with se above psiohlogie Sender email: Life Sciences in European Society Report.

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