RMA and Tech support. Compact, ergonomic design is ideal for magellan i or handheld operation. Our standard service portfolio includes: This new imaging technology improves checkout productivity by allowing users to scan barcodes in any orientation with a sweeping motion or a presentation style of scanning. Contains information about scanner connection, programming, mabellan and LED indications, basic troubleshooting and more. Our Maegllan About Barcodes, Inc.

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Typical uses and environments: The Magellan i finds best use in high volume retail environments and locations with barcodes that may be damaged or difficult to read. Area imagers are incredibly robust when it comes to scanning damaged or worn barcodes, and the Magellan i is no exception. Standard Features: The Datalogic Magellan i ships in a standard cardboard box with descriptive outer sleeve, helping it to stand out among most nondescript barcode scanner boxes, a boon for both customers and shipping departments.

Everything you need comes in the box, including interface cable, optional stand, and configuration guides. A green indicator light on the top of the unit indicates when it is powered up, and acts as the optional targeting button.

Rubber pads on either side of the Magellan i allow the scanner to be picked up and gripped easily, making oversized product scanning much easier.

Drawbacks: The main drawback we found with the Magellan i is the relatively lightweight design of the scanner unit itself. The coiled cable that came with the scanner weighs more than the Magellan itself, causing it to fall off desks easily if not secured to something sturdy. Performance Testing: To determine the capabilities of the Magellan i, we ran it through a series of tests designed to identify optimal scanning range, resistance to light, highest density barcode, widest barcode scanned, as well as robustness to damaged, dirty, and multi-colored barcodes.

Our tests showed that the Magellan i is pretty standard within the omnidirectional and presentation-style scanner class. The optimal scan range for the Magellan i was from contact to 6 inches, pretty standard for presentation style scanners. For dense barcodes, the scanner read as small as 4. Similar issues happened with wide barcodes, with errors occurring for 4. Regardless, neither of these limitations would come into play in standard retail scanning environments. The aggressive imager provides fast scanning of standard barcodes.

It also allowed the Magellan i to read all of our damaged, dirty, and worn barcodes with ease. However, the scanning speed makes it difficult to scan densely populated barcodes. Certain models, such as the unit we tested, come with a targeting button, which can aid in precision. If you know your retail location encounters densely populated barcodes, such as on cell phone boxes or hard drives, we recommend purchasing a model with the targeting button.

A breakdown of the Datalogic Magellan i capabilities is listed in table and graph form below.


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