Start your review of Philosophies of Difference: A Critical Introduction to Non-Philosophy Write a review Shelves: philosophy For Laurelle philosophies of difference reconstitute, at a point of maximum axiomatization, the condition which has determined greco-occidental philosophy across its history. Differential philosophy must perpetually For Laurelle philosophies of difference reconstitute, at a point of maximum axiomatization, the condition which has determined greco-occidental philosophy across its history. Differential philosophy must perpetually presuppose the transcendental ideal-real mixture which it overcomes, in order to acheive this act constituting its identity. This reproduction is interiorised, and forms the transcedental ground of its possiblity. For Laurelle such thinking will always have produced a parasitic relationship with the properly transcendental, immediate condition which Laurelle determines "the one" transcendental insofar as in its immediacy, it denies the possibility of any autopositional cut.

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Laruelle has been publishing since the early s and now has around twenty book-length titles to his name. Marcell Mars added it Jan 09, Laurelle describes his thought as heterodox in its relation to philosophical history. Difference as reality is found in Heideggerian finitude, where something always withdraws behind the immanent play of forces in the world. Terence Blake rated it really liked it Aug 02, Request removal from index. While both Nietzsche and Deleuze remain dependent on the mutual circularity of co-dependent terms, Heidegger insists that something withdraws behind worldly immanence.

Zblace marked it as to-read Apr 13, Rocco Gangle — — Angelaki 19 2: Instead, the chapter wanders through a stylistically derivative Derridaland, hardly bothering to address the unconverted. Earlier I said that the appearance of this book in English is not just larudlle publication of a set of arguments about philosophies of difference.

He defends a non-Greek conception of the One, considered as a radically immanent unity. He currently directs an international organisation dedicated to furthering the cause of non-philosophy, the Organisation Non-Philosophique Internationale.

Nor is he merely belittling this relatively recent list of names: As I see it, there are several grave obstacles to this aspiration. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Living Words Peter Ludlow. The following passage is not the worst in larjelle book, but merely typical among the bad ones: Laruelle reads both Nietzsche and Deleuze as anti-realists of this sort.

Idealists such as Hegel are wrong to treat finitude as a mere symptom of common sense, and Heidegger is right to turn finitude into a principle of realism. You can unsubscribe from newsletters at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in any newsletter. Sign philosophids Create an account. For it is not at all clear that his central insight is of value. Scott Wisgerhof rated it it was amazing May 21, Choose your country or region Close. By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy.

Jan 02, Msrobot0 rated it liked it. Gabriele added it Oct 17, No keywords specified fix it. Request removal from index.


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Though they follow seemingly different methodologies and agendas, each insists on the need for a return to the category of immanence if philosophy is to have any future at all. Rejecting both the German phenomenological tradition of transcendence of the Ego, Being, Consciousness, Alterity, or Flesh , as well as the French Structuralist valorisation of Language, they instead take the immanent categories of biology Deleuze , mathematics Badiou , affectivity Henry , and axiomatic science Laruelle as focal points for a renewal of thought. Consequently, Continental philosophy is taken in a new direction that engages science and nature with a refreshingly critical and non-reductive approach to life, set-theory, embodiment, and knowledge. However, each of these new philosophies of immanence still regards what the other is doing as transcendent representation, raising the question of what this return to immanence really means. Because each of these philosophies also places a special value on the diagram, the common ground of immanence is that occupied by the philosophical diagram rather than the word. The heavily illustrated final chapter of the book literally outlines how a mode of philosophical discourse might proceed when using diagrams to think immanence.



Rodopi,laruell from the German by Mezei and Smith themselves. Choose your country or region Close. Request removal from index. Reconciling Dualism and Non-Dualism: But while Laruelle already has a sizable following of Anglophone readers who discovered him in the original French, it took until for this first book-length work to appear in English. History of Western Philosophy. You can unsubscribe from newsletters at philosophiew time by clicking the unsubscribe link in any newsletter. But to compile the chapter summaries above was never a pleasurable experience for this reviewer, and was often a downright painful one.

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