Nikokree This should continue until eera Chinese demographic bulge has been worked through, which will be beyond our lifetimes. In they did this by renting every safety deposit box in Central Europe and cleaning the place out of gold. The news reporters look into the TV camera in an attempt to simulate friendship. Global MSM is now reporting in real-time as the disaster happens.

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That individual factions have been planning, yes — the Rothchilds, the various Chinese powers, Hong Kong, etc. More specifically, Germans are talking about Target 2. German savers preparing for QEx Edited to add more links at 8: It is actually quite telling, and as such i found that to be a chance missed in the interview.

And as i see it, the plan is tecnotrobica just fine. One World — n. The world is too big, even for the master plans of Dr No. I raised the question before, who are they. Great interview anyhow — I was riveted! German wealth is at risk. I would concur but only brzezinskj the very short term.

This may sound esoteric, but the Germans are aware of it. Ben Bernanke is currently at a pretty big lever, but the machine behind the lever is not what he thinks it is. Let nights podcast was prescient.

France is a PIG!! Sorry for the compacted previous chart. Manipulated Masses — Valorian Society I guess we then agree to disagree. No matter what you think of Ann Barnhardt, you have to admit, she walks the walk she talks about.

German taxpayers are assuming the risk as South Europeans escape it. Having as I do the survival and prosperity of the West at least to a limited extent at heart, I cannot welcome this development as good news. Driven81 I read the piece of Martin Armstrong, brzexinski one you hinted at, with great interest.

Agreeing to disagree is something you do when you stop arguing — not something you suggest to make the other person look argumentative, while tecnotonica then present your side as a conclusion. La era tecnotronica Zbigniew Brzezinski. Bund yields are losing their safe brzezinki allure. Not sure how fluent you are in foreign languages but this is a very telling document by Brzezinski: Please ask JW to elucidate on the Eastern Powers as soon as he has more information The same people that are behind the trilateral commission and Bilderberg conferences, mainly old monarchs and old money.

This bleeds South European banks. But I am not expecting the sheriff to help us much. This should continue until the Chinese demographic bulge has been worked through, which will be beyond our lifetimes. New Hope Flavor Kool-aid In any scenario that threatens the German Target 2 credit or the real value of German household EUR deposits — these are savers not borrowers — ordinary which means relatively wealthy Germans are going to seek to derisk their own wealth holdings through the banking system.

We never made it. Southern Europeans are reducing their risk of losing value by transferring their funds to German banks, into cash or out of the zone. Most Related.






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