Pentru unele produse, Audioconcept prin Jack-fi. Sound levels equal to those at original performances are easily re-created in even the largest of home listening environments. The Amplifier utilizes two fans to cool the amplifier channels, ensuring long-term reliability. To reduce fan noise to an absolute minimum, a thermal-sensing and control circuit, which senses increases in temperature within the amplifier and powers the fans at a speed proportional to that temperature increase, has been incorporated in the JBL Performance Series AVA7. As a result, the fan is never turning faster than necessary, and most of the noise that is generated is masked by the program being listened to. It also employs sophisticated protection circuitry one for each channel that senses many possible fault conditions, such as shorted loudspeaker wires or excess power demand, and turns the affected channel s off until the fault condition is removed, at which time normal operation is automatically restored.

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Front view of amplifier with rack ear attached. Side view of amplifier without rack ear. Side view of amplifier with rack ear attached. Neither the red nor blue indicator lights are on.

Make sure that the amplifier is plugged in, and verify that there is the proper voltage at the wall outlet. Make sure that the surround proces- sor or equalizer is on, and that the correct source has been connected and selected. Make sure that the correct outputs are connected from the surround processor or equalizer to the amplifier.

Make sure that the speakers are connected to the correct terminals. Check for short circuits at both ends of the speaker cables. Problem: Not all of the amplifiers turn on in the system. Make sure that all required cables are connected between system components.

Problem: Insufficient sound output level from the speakers. Check that the output levels of the sur- round processor or equalizer are set properly. Verify that the speakers have been wired to the amplifier with the correct polarity. Audible hum from the speakers. Check the power outlets and make sure that there is a solid earth ground present. The services of an electrician may be required. Make sure that all signal cables are routed away from power cords.

If these suggestions fail, experiment by running ground wires between the rear-panel screws of the ampli- fiers and the other system compo- nents, such as the surround proces- sor or signal processing package.


Jbl Ava7 Users Manual



JBL AVA7 Owner's Manual



JBL Synthesis US


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