July 24, Well, I want to give everyone an update on my efforts to get my Jubilee clone monsters to sound similar to my Harbeths. This was covered in another thread. Who did magic balancing them with the horns configured vertically similar to some current JBL models. He did a fantastic job and the system had wonderful mids. But they did not image the way I am accustom to especially depth and the extreme highs and transient response were lacking somewhat.

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This JBL driver is used in the Vertec system. This system is known as one of the harshest rigs out there. There have been many sound companies that have tried the TAD drivers only to revert back to whatever they started with. I personally know a company in the Bronx that has a closet full of TAD drivers.

When Meyer was using JBL components, they would only accept out of a hundred delivered. Keep in mind that JBL products for the most part these days are Asian imports, either in whole or the components. The ND is an un-believably clean and accurate driver that is capable of high output to a very low frequency with no distortion or clapping of the diaphragm. When other drivers reach their limit, these drivers just keep going. The has a sensitivity of DB. Listen to the drivers only.

Impartial evaluation is an absolute requirement. From a BMS user: Why do they sound better? BMS has developed and patented a unique, domeless diaphragm with less mass than a traditional diaphragm, remarkably reducing diaphragm excursion and inertia.

It has exceptional dynamic range and produces even the most complex musical signals with depth and definition. BMS drivers require much less energy than conventional diaphragms, allowing a much higher SPL, less dynamic compression, an increase in transient response, and lower harmonic distortion than traditional designs.

With reduced excursion and excellent transient response, BMS drivers react extremely quickly to peak level signals and have high crest factors. The result is an increase in dynamic headroom and precise definition.

Because of the increased sensitivity and lower distortion, much lower crossover points can be used. With more of the frequency spectrum coming from a single point, the quality of sound is more focused and less smeared. The BMS neodymium drivers offer a more defined sound than the ceramic drivers. This is a function of higher flux density and less flux variation. Last edited by pbellsound : at AM.


Original JBL 2435HPL Driver 125-30001-00X

Together, the voice coil and diaphragm comprise a moving mass of just 0. Originally Posted by tamaracat so you are not using TD but Z instead. The result is an increase in dynamic headroom and precise definition. Allen Last edited by allen: Perhaps the fluid was added?

ISO 11992-1 PDF

2x JBL 2435HPL Pair Beryllium Hochtöner 2435 HPL 2 Pieces 100 Working



JBL D8R2435 2435HPL Beryllium Diaphragm


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