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Since Hisilicon products are high quality and affordable, Hisilicon SoCs are mainly targeted to middle and low-end market. These features enable the Hi to provide high-quality images. In addition, the Hi integrates various peripheral interfaces to meet differentiated customer requirements for functionality, features, and image quality, while reducing the eBOM cost. With the embedded high-performance dual-core A9 processor, H codec engine supporting a maximum of 5-channel p real-time codec complying with multiple protocols , and dedicated TOE network acceleration module, the Hi meets the rising demand for HD and network applications. The Hi also provides outstanding video pre-processing and post-processing features, various codec algorithms, and multi-channel HD output capability.

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Based on this platform, customers can immediately begin to evaluate and test the hardware performance of Hi35xx series processors and start the software and hardware development and debugging of network video surveillance communication products IP-Camera, DVR, NVR based on this processor platform. Technical support services to help customers solve problems encountered in the design, development implementation process. Hi35xx evaluation and development of Demo single board. Sensor board or Camera module.

These customized optimization processor, able to meet the current development trend of video surveillance industry bring high-definition, networked, intelligent and integrated in terms of performance, high image quality, low bit rate, low power consumption and cost of the stringent requirements, continue to lead the industry level, has been widely used in the industry manufacturers.

The Hi35xx documentation, please visit Hi35xx series of network video SoC processor page. Its support Hi35xx chip SDK development, application software development and operation.

After the board encodes the audio and video signals, the code is transmitted to the network or stored on a local SATA hard disk, and can also be decoded and displayed by itself. Through Email, telephone, QQ and remote assistance, we provide the whole process of hardware and software support for product development, so as to solve the problems encountered by customers in the development process.

TravelLinux-Tech provide comprehensive technical support and development tools services for the Hi35xx series processors, help system equipment manufacturers to achieve product design innovation. Bookmark the permalink.


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