Bagami Their admy skill at killing things with their slings is secondary anyway. If you have a couple of spare points and nothing better to spend them on you might indulge yourself, but you are getting what you pay for i. But there are several things that I really enjoy about the gnoblars. I suggest you take as many of these as possible and give all except one who will carry armh Battle Standard, see below flails and nothing else.

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Gnoblar special rules and abilities These are a list of special rules and abilities that apply to nearly all gnoblar units most notably they do not apply to the Scraplauncher. Bicker Unless you are playing a Gnoblar army, there is absolutely nothing you can do about Bickering in a gnobbo army you get your Lucky Little Gits re-rolls, and of course Lucky Gits can re-roll Bicker tests , so you might as well learn to live with it and not expect too much from gnobbos.

Largely insignificant The best thing about gnobbos, next to their wonderful low points cost. As so many of the uses for a gnoblar involves it dying in some nasty manner, this is vital. If an enemy unit is too nasty to deal with right away, it can be set to chew its way through a sucession of gnobbo units while you deal with the rest of the enemy army.

Lucky Little Gits This rule only applies to gnobbo armies, not to gnobbos in an Ogre Kingdoms army, and grants the army D6 re-rolls you can use for pretty much anything you want. Remember not to waste them on silly things like letting a Honcho re-roll a failed to hit roll or similar things - the re-rolls should be spend on the following: 1 re-rolling critical failed Bicker rolls failing a glorious flank charge with a unit of Manbiters due to bickering is a royal pain 2 re-rolling insufficient flee or pursuit distances 3 re-rolling failed Look Out, Sir!

Most of the time, a large handful of dice will only result in a very small number of enemy fatalities 0 being the most common, a very small number indeed , but with small, fragile enemy units they can do a bit of damage and often the risk of a bit of damage will cause the enemy to get out of the way and thus stopping him from going where he wants to go.

That being said, if you have the choice between marching to somewhere you want to be and moving more slowly and throwing gerbils, broken bottles and old boots at the enemy, you will generally prefer to march. Gnoblar attendants No group name is given for those gnobbos that attend their Ogre masters in battle, thus I have chosen to term them "attendants".

They all cost 5 pts, which makes them suitable as something to spend spare points on. I know that the army book tells you to attach these attendants to the base of the owning Ogre, but I prefer to have them on separate 20 mm bases Look-out Gnoblars are attached with blu-tack. Sword-Gnoblars The most pointless type of gnobbo attendant. Sure, its an extra Attack at quite good WS and not too shabby Initiative, but their miserable Strength of 2 makes them pretty much useless, since an ogre fighter character will usually be employed to beat up tough enemies with plenty of armour, which S2 has next to no chance of cutting through.

Spend the points on something better. At only 5 pts, though, they are not a bad investment. Lookout-Gnoblars First of all it needs to be said that not all armies you will face have access to template weapons and thus a lot of the time an item that grants a protection from such weapons is pointless.

Against those other armies, though, a Lookout-gnobbo can be quite useful. The Empire will often be the worst in this regard, with their Strength 10 Great cannons that cause D6 Wounds per hit. If you suspect that your opponent might pack one or more of these weapons, a Lookout-Gnoblar in those units you will include characters in should be considered mandatory.

There are other ways of avoiding war machine fire, but a 5 point extra insurance is well worth it. Gnoblar units from the Ogre Kingdoms army book Gnoblar Fighters I Since I have written a separate and lengthy article devoted entirely to these little gits Uses for Gnoblar Fighters , I will make this entry rather more brief.

I find gnobbo fighters very useful and always take as many units as possible with 25 to 30 gits per unit to limit the chance of Panic. That in itself is plentty of reason to take them.

If you have a couple of spare points and nothing better to spend them on you might indulge yourself, but you are getting what you pay for i.

Gnoblar Trappers If deployed as Scouts then Trappers will have the double misfortune of being uncomfortably close to the enemy and rather far away from the comforting presence of the army General. Thus when the battle ends the Trappers will often have been turned into a green smear or scampered from the table several rounds earlier. Trappers are mainly used for the same purpose as Fighters, but thanks to their increased mobility and the possibility to start contesting enemy table quarters from the word go, are sufficiently different to warrant a place in the army list.

Another thing they do decently is to walk in front of war machines stone throwers and bolt throwers in particular and stop them from targeting much more expensive and vulnerable Ogre units. Unless there is some scenario special rule that makes units of more than 8 interesting, I suggest you stick with the minimum number of models - they are slightly more difficult to Panic at 9 models, but not noticeably so. I know a guy who took 80!

Some people argue that one of the good things about Hunters is that they let you have extra units of Trappers, which I think says more about the crappyness of the actual Hunter.

I would certainly not take a Hunter in order to have more Trappers, but on those rare occasions I take a Hunter I also take another unit of Trappers - with a little luck you can claim or contest all four table quarters from the start of turn 1.

A Snarefinger does allow you to have the official greenskin with the highest BS in the game, which can be fun in itself. If you ask me, this is the most stupid rule in the game. Scraplauncher tactics otherwise involve a steady plod forward with the rest of the army, shooting as it goes, before charging in alongside an ogre unit. As with a lot of other big stuff, the scrappy can pack quite a good punch on a quite narrow frontage, which makes it good in support.

Against all but very heavily armoured opponents, a simple -1 to enemy armour saves, like the Empire Mortar has, is better. It can also splat those annoying Skink units that can easily shoot up Ogres with their poisoned darts. In Ogre armies I struggle to find the points for more than one, while I can heartily recommend two if you have the points in a gnoblar army this is generally not a problem.

Gnoblar characters from the Gnoblar army list Gnobbos get the option of having a heap of very cheap characters, and I recommend you do just that. Take as many as possible and keep them cheap. Gnoblar Head Honcho The only thing this guy actually has going for himself compared to a Honcho is that he has one point more Leadership very useful and one more Wound less chance of losing the benefits of that Leadership due to being dead.

A Head Honcho is not a fighter, he is there to ensure that not too much of the army runs away. Put him safely in a decently large unit of Fighters behind the battle line yet close enough to grant a decent number of friendly units the use of his Leadership of 7 and you are doing it right.

Item-wise a Rhinox Horn is really all you need. On rhinox: No! You do NOT want to mount your fragile little General on something that might send him racing into the enemy alone and unsupported. If you really feel you must choose this bad-tempered mount, then at least remember to put your General and his Rhinox inside a unit.

Gnoblar Honcho For 24 pts you can add a guy with three Strength 5 Attacks to your Manbiter or Lucky Git units to give them that extra punch in close combat. I suggest you take as many of these as possible and give all except one who will carry the Battle Standard, see below flails and nothing else.

As with the Head Honcho, the funny Gnoblar items might sound amusing but all they really do it reduce the size of your army. Gnoblar Battle Standard Bearer You absolutely want one of these guys.

More thoughts can be found in my generic tactics article on Battle Standard Bearers. Gnoblar units from the Gnoblar army list It is sometimes painfully apparent that a lot of these units are ideas that struck the writer of the army list as a good idea and which has then not been tested sufficiently or at all.

Out of six new units, only three Flingers, Manbiters and Lucky Gits are actually worth taking, let alone going to the bother of converting them up. This entry will only deal with the differences between those two units. With the Gnoblar army list, fighters get a lot of new options, nearly all of which are rubbish.

Even in a Gnoblar list, these guys are fodder and despite the name not fighting units. No way, no how, not ever. Shields: Do you want more expensive fodder? No, you do not. Get more gnobbos instead. Command options: Ah, the sorely missed option for a musician.

If only they could have those in the Ogre army as well. Consider them mandatory. Standards are too risky in a unit that on its own will lose combats anyway. Groinbiters are still only something you get if you have spare points and run out of useful options. Gnoblar Flingers In an army filled fodder you have the option for an even cheaper fodder unit 30 pts for a minimum-sized unit, rather than 40 for Fighters.

They even have a somewhat better ranged attack. Can be sacrificed with even less care than normal gnobbos. Their actual skill at killing things with their slings is secondary anyway.

Gnoblar Manbiters Quite a good unit, being effectively Common Goblins with flails and light armour. If you want units that can deliver a punch, then these guys are it though you still want a couple of Honchos with flails in the unit. They die about as easy as much cheaper gnobbos, though, so make sure you screen them, preferably with a throwaway unit of Flingers or similar you can use Trappers, but they are more expensive and just as vulnerable to spells.

As with all gnobbo units, you want to gang up on the enemy 3 to 1 or more, preferably with a unit in their flank if you possibly can. You can have up to two units of Manbiters and I suggest you do just that. Shields: If you ask me, not really worth it and another rank of Manbiters is preferable to giving them all shields which only really protects them from missile fire you should know how to avoid anyway.

Command options: May I suggest you take them all? The option for a magic standard is also worth considering. You only have two to pick from and they are both good. Gnoblar Pigback Riders Out of the three Gnoblar close combat units, this one is a complete waste and also the hardest to convert, so stay away from it. Why are they a waste? As a replacement for those two points of CR you get a bunch of weakly attacks that will amount to about 1 dead enemy if you are lucky.

More often the enemy will get to attack first and eliminate many of your return attacks, or the puny gnobbo attacks will bounce off. In addition, this unit is much more prone to Panic than the equivalent unit of Fighters. Avoid this unit. Command options: Avoid these as well Lucky Gits Another interesting and fun unit.

These are in many ways the opposite of Manbiters - Manbiters can deal out a bit of punch but drop like flies if attacked in return, while Lucky Gits struggle to harm anything more resilient than Toughness 3 no armour, but are very hard to kill in return. For this reason I recommend attaching a Honcho or two with flails to this unit, to add a few dead enemies. Some examples include flee and pursuit distances very, very useful , the dice to see who goes first if the previous round of combat was a draw and the units have equal initiative or randomisation rolls if they throw their sharp stuff at a war machine and want a greater chance of hitting the crew.

If the Lucky Gits are rolling the dice, it can be re-rolled. Command options: As with Manbiters, the option for Standards and Musicians are very good and should be taken. A Very Lucky Git, on the other hand, is rather less so. Blood-Gnoblars Are these guys Special or are they Rare? The bestiary says one thing and the army list entry says another.

The traps might have been useful, if the restrictions on how to trap things were not as restrictive and if there was any way of forcing the enemy to enter the terrain piece. Sadly, enemy skirmishers will just avoid it, and non-skirmishers tend to shun difficult terrain like the plague anyway.


Gnoblar Horde: The Unwashed Masses

Tygoshakar I see this spell as giving the targeted unit damage resistance for a certain amount of time. I was an Ogre player on table top and am already very excited about the prospect of them being included in the 3rd game. I would have had this whole thing completed in days but uni took up alot of time so it took around 20 days. In regards to the campaign map, I expect the Ogre Kingdoms to be a migrating horde faction that can settle when it needs to. People will get hyped regardless as it is a new faction. I have 12 pts now. It will probably be hard but not impossible.



Do you like this video? The world looked small We would take it and ate it all Little ones came from Hills, Green of Skin and useful They were too stringy to eat, so we put them to work



Gnoblars have the place of being the singularly most mistreated beings in either Warhammer setting, as Ogres see them somewhere between vermin-like insects that are simply a fact of life to deal with, or very low and undepletable slaves. Meanwhile, Gnoblars see Ogres as a mix of living gods and eternal masters. They differ from Goblins in that they are much smaller and dumber, and while Goblins have pronounced noses the face of a Gnoblar is mostly nose giving them a beaky appearance. Make of that what you will. Gnoblar are just as cruel as Goblins, torturing and killing anything smaller or weaker than themselves, fighting with intent to kill over stupid reasons, and laughing at the misfortune of other Gnoblar.


Gnoblar Units and Characters

You only have two to pick from and they are both good. The traps might have been useful, if the restrictions on how to trap things were not as restrictive and if there was any way of forcing the enemy to enter the terrain piece. You pay for the option of possibly getting more models. They share the sensitivity to light that Night Goblins possess, but not to the same painful degree. They all have a ranged weapon. Lish are the hits worked out? Showcase Chat Advanced Search.

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