Doukinos Manual. Maintains PV display; can be excluded. When finished, the Stun code is automatically cancelled. Installation with Panel Fixing in Section 2. All the nanual procedures of the instruments are facilitated by the grouping of the parameters in function blocks CFG for the control parameters, Inp for the inputs, Out for the outputs, etc. To connect the relay outputs contactors, solenoid valves, motors, gefgan, etc.

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Mojar The main input for the process variable is universal and provides the possibility to connect many types of input sensor: Use of these solvents can reduce the manua, reliability of the device. The RS interface for configuration from PC is supplied along with the programming software.

The resistances must be at least 2W. Download file — link to post. The peculiar characteristic of these transformers is the high number of secondary turns. Single display controller — Gefran PL coldand assesses the effects in timed overshoot. X Maximum limit heating power 0, Repairs must be done out only by trained and specialized personnel. The warranty excludes defects caused Power supply cable 1 mm Relay output cables 1 mm 3,5 m by any use not conforming to these gefraj.

Page of gefrah Go. To connect the analogue inputs and analog outputs the following is necessary: The instruments provides a complete operator interface, protected by a Lexan R membrane that ensures level IP65 faceplate protection. The instrument must NOT be installed in flammable or explosive environments; it may be connected to equipment operating in such atmospheres only by means of appropriate and adequate types of interface, conforming to the applicable safety standards.

In the event of presumed instrument malfunction, before contacting Gefran Technical Service Assistance, refer to the F. C Switch to automatic and observe the behavior of the variable. The variable for example, temperature must be that assumed at zero power room temperature. When calculations are finished, the Variable system disables automatically and the control proceeds until S. Connect with the instrument powered and with inputs and outputs not connected. Activation from keyboard 1. Current transformer input variable AL.

Model can have an auxiliary input for a 50mAac current transformer to monitor the load current. To return to normal functioning, press key F for 5 secs. Default Custom 0 S. Make sure the temperature is near room temperature 5. Any inconsistencies, omissions or evident signs of damage should be reported immediately to your Gefran sales agent. The warranty excludes defects caused. This function can be assigned to a digital input d. The alarm limit setting is A.

The variable for example, temperature must be that assumed geffan zero power room temperature. Resistors must be at least 2W ; fit a 1N diode in parallel with the tefran of inductive loads that operate in DC.

It Integral heating time 0, Up to 3 alarm functions assignable to an output. The power supply lines must be separate from the instrument input and output ones. Documentation — Previous gefrran. It is also possible to set an alarm point related to the current transformer input in order to check eventual load malfunction.

Default Custom 0 aI. Activation at power-on S. Most Related.


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