It is the name given to the illegal gold miners working across West Africa. Armed with only a pick axe, galamseys dig 4ft wide shafts that go up to ft underground in the quest for finding gold. The genesis of this film happened in this chair. Illegal galamsey mining usually always occurs in the shadows of Industrial mining operations.

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The nation demand for your devotion In Akan proverb, we say, "it is unwise for a child to go hungry while there is plenty food in the house". Over the past few decades, small scale mining, has developed a bad image within the Ghanaian media landscape. But as we also do, we always fail to acknowledge the positive side in our creative abilities.

Small scale mining is not a crime therefore it must not be banned. It only need to be regulated. The ban of small scale mining has rendered a lot of Ghanaians especially the youth jobless and it has contributed immensely to the economic woes of Ghanaians.

The question then therefore is, why should we ban Ghanaians from mining while we allow foreigners to mine? That is double standard. Yes we know the negative effects of small scale mining especially the pollution into our water bodies and destruction of lands but that does not justify the reasons for the ban.

There is a diabolical agenda behind the ban. Let see Small scale mining as creative tool for job creation for our teaming youth. We need to protect the interest of Ghanaians first by allowing the people of Ghana who are endowed with the mineral resources to benefit from it than allowing foreign mining companies take over that sector. The government must train and resources the youth into small scale mining.

In that way, we can regulate and monitor the sanity of the mining sector 4. We need to develop the artisan mining skills for our youth. Just imagine the kind of resources and energy the government use to ban small scale mining. That same energy could have been use by setting up Mining Centers to train, equip and enlightened the youth about the safety precautions, security threats and the benefits they can earn from it.

According to research news supported by data from the Ghana Chamber of Mines, small-scale mining operations in Ghana produced about 2 million ounces of gold, which is far more than the production from any of the large-scale gold mining companies. Surprisingly, the whole world knows that small-scale mining operations were banned in Ghana from March to December This organization was established in as part of being the voice for the voiceless, helping the rural areas in Ghana to save their water bodies which has been destroyed as a result of Chinese miners who has absolutely no regard for the lives of the citizens in the victims areas.

President Akuffo Addo and his government promised to revamp the small scale mining business in Ghana once he was voted into Power, he failed.

Since under his leadership, the country has experienced numerous corruptions, death and collapse of businesses including Captain Maxwell Adams Mahama in Denkyira-Obuasi.


Causes and effects of galamsey in Ghana

Geography, Environmental science, Earth sciences. Officials described the disaster as the worst mine collapse in Ghanaian history. To limit confusion over which operation is illegal or legal, the operational attributes of the various galamsey types identified during the review [1] was very helpful. Small-scale mining was once a respected traditional vocation.


Modern Scientific Press

It has elicited negative feelings from people all over Ghana. The disgust and discontent associated with galamsey sites in Ghana is evident in the way the people have chosen to deal with the menace. They have turned their attention from complaining about the problem to actually taking the issue head on. Illegal mining People have resorted to showing the rot through use of electronic media like the lobbying of media stations newspaper, radio and television , using the Internet and also through magazines. Causes of Galamsey in Ghana When you visit galamsey areas in Ghana, you will realize that the highest population is the youth. Unemployment among the youth in Ghana is a very big menace. Young university graduates rarely find work, and when they do it hardly sustains them.

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