Earlier this week, Freelon died of complications from the disease. He left behind a four-decade legacy of considered, attentive design for communities typically ignored—or worse, harmed—by processes forming the built environment. For the international design competition, Bond and Freelon added David Adjaye , who was then an up-and-coming architect, to the team, along with SmithGroup, which had a local presence in the Washington, D. Just before the team won the design competition, Bond died, leaving the others to carry out the project.

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Mezirn Perhaps one day, one of the eager fifth graders he spoke to that cloudy February day will be among them. Freelon was born and raised in Philadelphia frfelon his family—which included artists and educators—fueled his creativity and his social perspective.

Retail feel very fortunate that Phil is once again a member of the MIT community. She met him at a Chamber of Commerce meeting after she had been working for a few years and struck up a conversation about the type of work she was doing and what she hoped to achieve.

Schools School Blogs Forum. His furniture design has been recognized nationally including first prize in the PPG Furniture Design Competition and design contract work with Herman Miller.

He once played drums in a band with his brother, Gregory Freelon, a teacher at the school. With two under his belt, Freelon was automatically on the radar of anyone else who was considering one. At a time when both citizens and organizations are waking up to the inequities that hamper social progress and the realization of great ideas, his career is a blueprint for making an industry more diverse and empowering people and others to effect change through creative work.

Mackenzie Goldberg Project Manager at Archinect since He liked drawing, and his grandfather suggested that he become an architect. The office has a full materials library, which helps the designers create buildings that are visually exciting and warm. Architect and NMAAHC project manager Zena Howard—who was essentially the ringmaster coordinating the dozens of design, engineering, and construction firms involved with the museum, agrees.

Due to the many requests we received, it is going to be reprinted. Printed as a special, oversized, page color newspaper, the catalogue has been published on the occasion of an exhibition of the same name, curated by Andrew Blauvelt, on view at the Cranbrook Art Museum through October 7, The inspiration for the design of the Anacostia Library comes from the scale of the adjacent residential context.

InFreelon won his next big commission, the Harvey B. We put a lot of effort into listening, listening aggressively, understanding what it is at the root of those institutions. Freelon eventually won the commission in The profession, in general, is missing out on a potentially deep pool of talent and the world is missing out on great ideas and buildings that could be happening by virtue of that infusion of energy and creativity that we see in music or dance or almost any other profession.

Mine had fingerprints all over them and the decals were bent and crooked. The Freelon Group, Architects. The Durham Station Transportation Center. Lewis Museumin Baltimore. That is reflected in the exhibit. MoAD and the Reginald F.

A foot mosaic composed of thousands of photographs is a metaphor for the freelpn told within the Museum of the African Diaspora, in San Francisco. The wins kept coming. Profile Book List Current Reading. The acre project includes refurbished landscapes and playgrounds, renovation of the two historic building and the addition of a new building and plaza.

What encompasses his leadership style and his design style is really trying to unite different people and different mind-sets as they come to create one vision. And I still remember that because it may have been the first time that I was dialed into the environment around me in a different way, a conscious way, rather than just things coming into your ears and eyes and nose and not thinking about it—sort of just analyzing and being aware.

Notable Design Book Review. So what makes that happen? He quickly rose to the top of his class and eventually transferred to a more rigorous program at North Carolina State University. He left Philadelphia when he was 18 to attend Hampton University, in Virginia, to study architecture. Phil Freelon on Engaging with Black History Through Architecture Earlier this year, the AIA issued new guidelines for equity, diversity, and architecy, and many of its suggestions mirror the strategy Freelon has taken for years: Follow your favorite profiles, and see all their activity conveniently gathered in the new Activity Stream!

Commission of Fine Arts in and served from to Skip to main content. So I happen to think about that balance. Related Articles.


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The summation and scale of his achievements speaks clearly to the creative might and leadership African American designers possess. His work not only seeks to inspire but are milestones in African American and United States history. Phil Freelon is a paragon of what it means to lead in a profession and a testament to the power design plays in our world. Phil Freelon — is the founder of The Freelon Group, originally a small firm based in Durham North Carolina, recognized for their ability to fill otherwise mundane spaces with both beauty and pragmatism. Ranging from a small library in Washington D. Whether it be the Museum of the African Diaspora in San Francisco, or the Durham County Human Services Complex, Freelon privileges the experience of the users and extends his design process from their needs.


A new children's book tells Phil Freelon's story

Samurisar Freelon and his brother used to build toy models their father bought for them on business trips. Emancipation Park, in Houston, features a community center, pool, and rec fields. The airy, energy-efficient building is wrapped around a central courtyard, which offers people who use the building a calm area to use while they wait for their appointments, and helps keep daylight enter the sprawling ,square-foot structure. In parallel with his prolific career designing buildings, Freelon has designed a network of architects and creative leaders who are actively following his lead—and they are thriving. At Evoke Studio, she plans to create the same supportive environment she experienced with Freelon.



March 26, - July 9, Philip G. He was He challenged architects to see what he saw — that every person should experience beautiful and inspiring architecture not only when visiting a famous building but also in their everyday lives. Freelon was equally known for challenging the status quo, working to bring greater equity and diversity to architecture and business. As a mentor, he encouraged young designers and other professionals to aim high and break through established barriers.


Nnenna Freelon


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