Top Questions What kind of relationship did Franz Kafka have with his father? Kafka felt oppressed by him for most of his life. Franz Kafka moved in German Jewish intellectual circles throughout his life. He received a doctorate in law in from the University of Prague.

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Your friendly neighborhood reader. Try reading the comments. All you negative people did was convince me that this book was absolute crap and the fanbase is worse. It seems that some classics must be liked, or else. They are doomed. I have never claimed to be anything other than an avid reader. I like to branch out, sometimes with awesome and sometimes with awful results.

He was going for that indescribable horror of something just out of reach. I felt that And my review reflects exactly what Kafka was aiming for with a dollop of sarcasm and sass from me on the side. The Original Review - February If you are someone who is looking for a serious interpretation kindly check out another. There plenty of brilliant interpretations of this novel, and so many people LOVE it. Unfortunately, I did not. I cannot make you understand. I cannot make anyone understand what is happening inside me.

I cannot even explain it to myself. Allow me to explain it to you then: You Gregor turned into a giant bug. Your family alternated between fearing, caring, and loathing you in your bug-body. Ultimately, you began doing lots of creepy bug-things and became a burden to them. Then you starved to death and your parents got their spare bedroom back. Nor if books that give off a consistently dreary feeling throughout.

I could summarize the entire book as: Gregor turns into a bug, it was not a smart move. Which is slightly misrepresenting the book - cause the book actually has Gregor turning into a bug without any rhyme or reason. Wait a moment.

This is probably one of those books where everything is a representation of something significant in real life. An "Important Novel", if you will. Lemme Wikipedia this.


Metamorfoza [eBook]

Un gerente de los almacenes donde Gregorio trabaja decide ir a buscarlo a su casa debido a su inusual retraso. El protagonista hace un gran esfuerzo por abrir la puerta y, entonces, su familia se percata de su nueva forma: la de un enorme escarabajo. Su padre se enfada y lo desprecia. Entonces, su padre culpa al escarabajo de lo sucedido y le lanza manzanas para acribillarle. Entonces, sus miembros tienen que realizar algunos ajustes: recortar los gastos del hogar, reducir la jornada laboral de la criada y alquilar una de las habitaciones a nuevos inquilinos.


Metamorfoza, de Franz Kafka

Cu siguranta, Kafka a ales, in mod metaforic, o diferenta in aparenta socanta si dezgustatoare, pe care o puncteaza chiar in fraza introductiva: comis-voiajorul Gregor Samsa se trezeste intr-o dimineata transformat intr-o insecta monstruoasa. In plus, fraza in sine este greu de redat intr-o alta limba decat in germana, deoarece, tinand cont de topica specifica in germana verbul apare la finalul enuntului, astfel ca o fraza foarte lunga asa cum este cea din deschiderea Metamorfozei poate deveni paradoxala in momentul punctarii finale a actiunii, prin verbul care incheie si descifreaza ideea exprimata. Lasand la o parte interpretarile gramaticale si semantice si concentrandu-ne pe mesajul cartii, e vorba despre respingerea de catre familie, de catre cei din jur, in momentul in care personajul principal, desi acelasi in esenta, apare deodata foarte diferit, ceea pe pentru anumite tipare umane este foarte greu de acceptat sau chiar de tolerat mai ales prin influenta constanta si distructiva a unui mediu intolerant. E plina de semnificatii in acest sens discutia membrilor familiei din partea finala a cartii in care acestia dezbat ideea ca insecta aceea nu poate fi Gregor, deoarece Gregor ar fi avut intelegerea si bunatatea sa plece pentru totdeauna de acasa si sa le usureze suferinta.

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