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With this test method, two clamps are placed around the earth ground rod and each are connected to the tester. No earth ground stakes are used at all. A known, fixed voltage is induced by one clamp and the current is measured using the second clamp. Then the tester automatically determines the resistance of the earth ground rod. This test method only works if a bonded earth ground system exists for the building or structure under test, but most are. If there is only one path to ground, like at many residential applications, the Stakeless method will not provide an acceptable value and the Fall-of-Potential test method must be used.

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Page 4 Users Manual Page 6 Users Manual Page 9: Introduction Introduction The Earth Ground Tester Tester or Product is a compact, field-rugged instrument that performs all four types of earth ground measurement. Specifically, the Tester is able to measure earth ground loop resistances using only clamps — called Stakeless testing. The provides the perfect solution by combining the latest technology into a compact, field-rugged instrument.

A Caution identifies conditions and procedures that can cause damage to the Product or the equipment under test. Do not dispose of this product as unsorted municipal waste. Storage If the Tester is stored for an extended period of time or is not in use for a long time, you The transformer has a transformation ratio between 80 and for the measurement of a single branch in mesh-operated earthing systems.

This enables the user to measure on high voltage pylons without separating the overhead earth wires or earth strips at the bottom of the pylons. Page 16 Users Manual Table 3. Features and Functions Rear Side edw Table 4. Display Elements edw Page 18 Users Manual Table 5 shows what you will see on the display as you operate the Tester. Table 5. Display Descriptions cont. Function Displays Condition Note Aux. Page 20 Users Manual Table 5.

Try time average measurement. The symbol may appear when using the stakeless measurement on low edw Four push buttons start measurements, read out supplementary measurement values, and select special functions.

See Table 6 for more information. Measurement values are shown on a liquid crystal display with units. Additional special characters indicate measurement mode, operating condition and error messages.


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