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Usually packed with beautiful scale models from all corners of modelling - armoured vehicles, aircraft, figures, science fiction, fantasy, automobiles and ships in usually step by step procedures.

This is a nice window into a magazine that otherwise I would not be able to read and understand and I would have missed out if this was not in my language. Maybe they should continue this? Each of the modellers in this magazine give their own personal thoughts on the magazine and their own connection with it and their modelling history.

It is a nice tie in to this special edition and a good view into their world. Some great pictures of memory lane kits are a good companion to the text here. This is a small diorama but all of the information from here could be found in a modelling book it is that in-depth. This is an example of how you can create interest with different shades, details and nuances when painting a model which is all over one colour. Although this is a challenge for most Mig takes us through his build, painting and weathering processes with his usual charm.

His writing is always good and it is like you are receiving a personal lesson from the master when reading his build reports. There are lots of great hints here for even the best modellers out there.

Juan shows us how he uses AFV modelling techniques on this aircraft to make a dirtied-up war weary fighter-bomber that looks like it has been flying feet off the ground in Vietnam.

This is more of a step by step article and technically the best put together here with the step by step treatment showing just how he got to the finished article little by little. Propellers, bombs, wing panels, huge drop tanks are shown in isolation before the whole lot was put together.

Being a Wingnut Wings kit this is already an impressive base with which to worked from, but Chema has turned his kit inside out almost gyncalogical view of the kit. He makes all of the parts and paints them — even the ones you will never see with the finished product lithe wooden insides of the fuselage and the engine which looks just amazing.

This figure of the famous Confederate General seen charging into battle is only discussed in a few pages but they are pretty good pages.

Problem is that there is too much talk about the man and not enough on the very nice model — I would have liked to have seen more of how he got so nice. Made by Sergio Fenoy Cruz. Juan C.


RTR Modelismo, Lda - A Loja N.º1 Em Portugal!

Una vez ms, all est, mirndome desde la mesa del saln, ya que no tengo otro sitio en el que situar tan enorme maqueta. Me encuentro delante de un edificio sobrecogedor, en el que da miedo comenzar a pintar, ya que el volumen es considerable y me mira desafiante la maqueta, y creo que el autor tambin. Antes de nada, comentaros, que la idea sera hacer el mismo lugar en distintas pocas, pero sin repetir escenario. Me explico: La iglesia es un edificio completo, no es un espejo, pero en cada lado ocurre una accin que le espectador entender si se logra representarlo adecuadamente que es el mismo lugar transcurrido el tiempo. Desde la colocacin de las fosas, como el ciprs que ha crecido con el pasar del tiempo, son pequeas pistas que ayudan al espectador a comprender el diorama. Como lograrlo me quito alguna que otra noche de sueo, pero qu sera del modelismo si no tuviera retos? El primer problema que se me plante sera como pintar la zona de blanco y negro.


Euromodelismo - Número 268 2016

JoJot Glue euromodelismk paints not included. Designed for Mirage kit. Glue and paints not S 90 mm M3 barrel with thread protector for tank destroyer M36B1 Best quality turned metal gun barrel for Academy, Italeri kit. Requires Assembly This product is supplied unassembled and unpainted. Designed for Trumpeter kit.


Euromodelismo Nº285


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