Maar drie Michelinsterren krijg je natuurlijk niet zomaar. Als kok zoekt Adria steeds naar nieuwe combinaties en verrassende texturen. Door bijna wetenschappelijk met het voedsel om te gaan, creeer je zowel lekkere als verrassende gerechten; zo ook Espuma. Van hartige gerechten tot desserts, van zoet naar zuur, Deze mousse moet glad en redelijk viscoos zijn, er mogen absoluut geen brokjes meer in zitten.

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The gazpacho de bogavante is an innovative version of a traditional dish served in a revolutionary way, called sopa emplatada. A salad garnish is prepared in the kitchen and presented at the table, and the waiter later serves the gazpacho over the garnish. The tomato water ice is the first example of frozen savoury cuisine and there is a new symbiosis between sweet and savoury, overcoming the boundaries previously found between mains and puddings.

It is also an example of cocina enmoldada: the preparation is served in a container similar to a champagne glass, which supports its light texture. White bean foam was the first ever served at El Bulli. The appearance of such dishes as pollo al curry chicken curry , arroz a la cubana Cuban-style white rice and espinacas a la catalana Catalan-style spinach had little in common with the classics. In the process of deconstruction, the original dish was rebuilt as each ingredient in this case chicken, apple, curry, coconut, garlic and onion had undergone a different treatment, such as being texturised or radically modified.

According to El Bulli, it could be said that a minimalist dish is one that creates the most magic with the least ingredients. The best example of this is the minimalismo de bocado, where all the magic is conveyed in a single mouthful.

Two important parts of the sixth sense are playfulness and irony, both found in the plato de las especias. Espuma de humo — Smoke foam Another parameter of the sixth sense is provocation. In , when the debate about foams was at its height, El Bulli served a snack that was specially created to provoke a reaction in the diner.

The espuma de humo is a small glass filled with smoked water foam and served with oil, salt and croutons. The sensation created by the sopa de guisantes is based on the contrast of temperatures between hot and cold liquid. It is a clear example of one of the defining features of El Bulli cuisine: multi-sensoriality. Basic spherification is the controlled jellifying process of a liquid mixed with alginate that, upon contact with calcium salts, produces spheres of different textures and consistencies.

Deshielo — Thaw From , El Bulli created a number of dishes inspired by nature, such as tierra earth , nieve snow and deshielo thaw.

It was soon recognised that they formed part of a new style, which was subsequently called natura nature. Deshielo was inspired by a photo of the ice melting in spring with the first shoots sprouting out of the frozen blanket. Inspired by El Bulli?


Twelve iconic dishes of El Bulli



Espuma = fancy schuim


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