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Is a professional manufacturer with development, design, processing, manufacturing and sales in the field of transformer skeleton. The company was founded in Since the establishment of the company, after years of unremitting efforts and painstaking efforts, it has a number of professional and technical personnel, and has a group of high-quality operators and mold development and a complete set of automated production equipment.

The delivery accuracy rate is over The company has a complete set of production equipment, relying on these production equipment to produce high quality products, which are sold all over the world. The equipment includes: forming class horizontal machine, forming class vertical machine, electric discharge machine 2, grinding machine 2, milling machine 2, soldering machine 2, vertical injection molding machine 8, plastic injection molding machine 12, bakelite injection 8 sets of machines, 3 sets of tunnel sandblasting machines, 4 sets of raw edge processing machines, 20 sets of automatic PIN machines, 2 sets of hydraulic presses, secondary photo apparatus, salt spray test machine, aging test machine, fully automatic flame test machine , microscope, high-voltage test machine, Seiko electronic desktop fluorescent X-ray analysis equipment, fully automated degree 8 camera product testing machine.

The company has obtained the UL certificate and ISO certificate that are inspected once a year by professional institutions. Deliver, Shipping And Serving Before the sale, we confirm the demand for the product with the customer, and quote the customer according to the product drawings or product samples provided by the customer.

After waiting for the customer to confirm the quotation, the company will open the mold order through the customer.

The production of the test mode will be carried out, and the test mode can be completed in days from the receipt of the order. After the customer confirms that the sample is OK, we will carry out mass production according to the order quantity, and the general delivery time is days. After the sale, we will deal with the products with abnormal quality. If the products produced have quality problems, we will reply to the improvement report if the customer complains. If the products cannot be used, our company will arrange replenishment and finally meet the requirements of the customers.

FAQ Q1: How to buy your products? Please send us the product picture, quantity, size and other requirement to houhuainamerica gmail. Q2: Do you accept Customization? We are manufactures, So the Size, Material can do according to your request. If you have similar product specification,that would be very helpful. Q3: What information should I let you know if I want to get a quotation? Specification 2. Quantity 3. Package 4. The function of transformer skeleton and the name of each part are introduced Function of transformer skeleton and name of each part: Transformer skeleton, or transformer wire frame, collectively referred to as Bobbin in English, is the main part of the transformer structure, "skeleton" image describes its role in the transformer.

The role of skeleton in transformer and the name of each part: 1. Provide winding space for the copper wire in the transformer. The part of the skeleton that provides this function is called winding groove.

Fix the magnetic core in the transformer. The place where the core is inserted into the skeleton is called the core hole.

The wire pass slot in the skeleton provides the wire pass path for the winding of the transformer. The metal pins in the skeleton are the copper wire wound pillars of the transformer; After the solder connected with the PCB board, in the transformer work to play a conductive role.

The retaining wall at the bottom of the skeleton can be fixed with the PCB board; It provides a certain distance space between the tin heap and the PCB board and the core and the PCB board. Isolate the core from the tin pile to avoid poor pressure resistance.

The convex, concave or chamfer points in the skeleton can determine the placement direction or pin order when the transformer is in use. Hot Tags: epc series transformer bobbin, China, manufacturers, suppliers, factory, customized Related Products.


epc17 bobbin



EPC19 Bobbins 12 Pins 4 Sec for Surface Mount Applications


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