EAW LA USA 3-полосная акустическая система 50ГцкГц 1 Вт Серия LA объединяет профессиональные компоненты и прочную конструкцию для создания компактных портативных акустических систем, идеально подходящих для "живых" представлений в небольших помещениях. LA - 3-полосная, всечастотная акустическая система. LAz - сабвуфер. Два дюймовых НЧ-излучателя прямого излучения. Диапазон воспроизводимых частот: 40 Гц — Гц. Максимально допустимая входная мощность: Вт 4 Ом - уровень звукового давления длительный дБ; р.

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Eastern Acoustic Works EAW is the global leader in high-performance, professional loudspeaker system design and manufacture.

EAW is known for numerous breakthrough technologies including first-patented designs for digitally modeling, focusing, aiming and steering arrays. EAW exists to develop innovative products and technologies that give natural voice to artists and evangelists, enabling an experience of profound connection with every observer in any setting. Equalizer: A component designed to alter the frequency balance of an audio signal. Equalizers may be graphic, parametric, or a combination of both.

Fade: A gradual increase in audio, i. Feedback: The transmission of current or voltage from the output of a device back to the input, where it interacts with the input signal to modify operation of the device.

Frequency: The number of cycles vibrations per second. In audio, audible frequencies commonly range from 20 to 20, cycles per second Hz. In video, frequency is used to define the image resolution. Low-frequency video images depict large objects or images. Higher frequencies depict smaller objects finer details.

Frequency Response: A measure of what frequencies can be reproduced and how accurately they are reproduced. A measurement of 20 to 20, Hz, 3dB means those frequencies between 20 and 20, Hz can be reproduced no more than 3 dB above or below a reference frequency level.

Full-Range: A speaker designed to reproduce the full range 20 Hz to 20 kHz of audio frequencies. Gain: Increase in level or amplitude. Gooseneck: This refers to amicrophone with a flexible neck that is most frequently attached to a podium or lectern. It is designed to allow the speaker to raise or lower the microphone to a suitable height. Graphic Equalizer: A type of equalizer with sliding controls that creates a pattern representing a graph of the frequency-response changes.

Raising sliders boosts the affected frequencies; lowering sliders cuts attenuates the affected frequencies. High Pass: A filter that passes high frequencies, and attenuates low frequencies. Same as low cut. Hz: Hertz or cycles per second. Something that repeats a cycle once each second moves at a rate of 1 Hz.

Impedance: A measure of the impediment to the flow of alternating current, measured in ohms at a given frequency. Larger numbers mean higher resistance to current flow. KHz: Kilohertz or one thousand Hz. Lavaliere: A small microphone that attaches to clothing, allowing the speaker to have a hands-free presentation. A Line Array is perfect for medium to large audiences.

Midbass: The middle of the bass part of the frequency range, from approximately 50 to Hz upper bass would be from to Hz. Also used as a term for loudspeaker drivers designed to reproduce both bass and midrange frequencies. Midrange: The middle of the audio frequency range. Also used as a term for loudspeaker drivers designed to reproduce this range. Mixer: This is the unit in which audio signals are directed from. A mixer provides for both mic and line input combinations while allowing you to control one or more outputs.

Compression scheme used to transfer audio files via the Internet and store in portable players and digital audio servers. NATS can be used to help characterize the setting. Noise: An unwanted portion of a signal such as hiss, hum, whine, static, or buzzing. Passive: Not active. A passive crossover uses no external power and results in insertion loss. A passive speaker is one without internal amplification. Power Output: A measure, usually in watts, of how much energy is modulated by a component.

Preamplifier: A control and switching component that may include equalization functions. The preamp comes in the signal chain before the amplifiers. Processors: Anything that processes an incoming signal in some way. Surround processors, for example, can decode a Dolby Digital signal to send to an amp so you can hear it. Pulse Code Modulation: PCM a way to convert sound or analog information to binary information 0s and 1s by taking samples of the sound and record the resulting number as binary information.

It can sometimes be found on DVD-Video. RF: Radio Frequency. VCRs and DBS receivers often include channel 3 or 4 modulators, allowing the output signal to be tuned by the television on those channels. Also, laser discs used an RF signal for modulating Dolby Digital 5. This requires an RF demodulator usually referred to as an AC3-RF demodulator before or in the surround processor to decode the signal. Signal-to-Noise Ratio: A comparison of the signal level relative to the noise level.

Larger numbers are better. Simultaneous Interpretation: This system allows attendees to hear the meeting in their own language. Sound field: The total acoustical characteristics of a space, such as ambience; number, timing, and relative level of reflections; ratio of direct to reflected sound; RT time; etc.

Speaker: A component that converts electrical energy into acoustical energy. Measured in dB. Subwoofer: A speaker designed to reproduce very low bass frequencies, usually those below about 80 Hz. THX: Certification program for home theater equipment. Uses some proprietary features, but mostly assures a base quality level for a given room size.

Is compatible with any and all soundtrack formats. Nobody agrees on which. Related Products.


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