Op zijn reizen komt Douwe vaak dezelfde figuren tegen zoals Domoli, Pief en Kijfje, drie bevriende tovenaarsleerlingen die in zes van zijn avonturen voorkomen, en Ludo Lafhart en Knudde, twee klungelige boeven die in drie verhalen een rol spelen. Douwe Dabbert[ bewerken brontekst bewerken ] Douwe Dabbert is een klein kabouterachtig mannetje. Prinses Pauline[ bewerken brontekst bewerken ] Prinses Pauline is de verwende prinses die in het eerste album voorkomt. Aanvankelijk speelt zij de hoofdrol in het verhaal, maar naderhand wordt zij verdrongen door Douwe Dabbert, die op de dertiende pagina ten tonele komt. Verder komt ze voor in een van de vertellingen in het laatste album.

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Concept[ edit ] Douwe Dabbert is a fantasy comic set in an undetermined past, though in two stories "De Weg naar west" "The Way to West" and "De zee naar zuid" "The Sea to South" he meets representatives of the West-Indische Compagnie , which would put his adventures in the 17th century.

Despite the historical context the comic makes use of many fantastic elements such as witchcraft , fictitious kingdoms and anthropomorphic animals.

He is a small bearded man who has the appearance of a gnome. He might be one himself, seeing that at the start of one story, "Het Bedrog van Balthasar", he is seen saying goodbye to Paulus the woodgnome , a character from another comics series, who almost has the same size as him. Furthermore, Douwe has a magical knapsack from which only he can conjure items that are helpful in any situation.

When others try to use it to their own advantage the bag only produces water, sand or nothing at all. Dabbert is depicted as a roaming traveller. We never learn anything about his family, except that he inherited his knapsack from his grandfather.

His name is alliterative because the publishers of Donald Duck felt this was in line with their other titles. The name "Dabbert" was thought up when thinking of the wardrobe of Sinterklaas , which is called a "tabberd" in Dutch. He thinks he is quite a master in magic , but still makes a lot of mistakes. Douwe acts like a father figure to him.

She is a slender and somewhat crabby girl. Ludo Lafhart: A crook who wants to become rich. He is depicted as his slightly more stupid sidekick. Prinses Pauline: A spoiled princess who appears in the first story. She was originally meant as the protagonist, but after thirteen pages Dabbert makes his entry in the series and she is never seen again until the final album.

Finally, they find a dodo egg on a desert island , so the dodo can reproduce himself. They appear in "De zee naar zuid" "The Sea to South". Publication history[ edit ] Between and the series was published without interruption.

They were pre-published in small episodes in the Dutch magazine Donald Duck. All longer stories have been published in 23 comic book albums afterwards.


Douwe Dabbert








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