Music Details for Sunday 1 June Presenters A - Z.. Best piano pieces ever. Prokofiev- Suggestion Diabolique.

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Well, for me Prokofiev is one of the most important composers, a real genius, but in his dramatic works : incidental musics, film scores, ballets , operas , etc Superb piano technique! But then, so what? I do believe Alexander Nevsky and Ivan the Terrible have the best film music ever written. But, there are things in his music which seem not so beautiful to me, I mean different elements in his music, often quite opposite and sometimes as much as the entire work gets ruined because of this.

I wish he had composed less but more pure in quality. I prefer it to the solo piano works. Never ever ever pit these 2 guys together! This is the way they are different: Prokofiev- the hyper-optimist, Enfante Terrible, Master of humor, Extroverted dandy Shostakovich- the pessimist, Sarcasm Wizard ; , Introverted, nervous and sensitive thinker This is the way they are the same: Prokofiev and Shostakovich - creators of monsters and masterpieces, and most of all, shared a Russian composition style.

Oh, and both needed glasses. My current order is - 2,3,5,6 tie then 1,4,7 just barely behind. Dreariness cannot usually be well taken to the stage, but a vivid imagination and sense of wit almost always can.

He was simply one of the masters of this genre, equaling the efforts of composers such as Tchaikovsky and Stravinsky. Piano Concertos - Again, Prokofiev was a master of the form, perhaps the greatest since Beethoven and Mozart. From the Russian village melodies of the 3rd piano concerto to the striking modernity of the 5th concerto, a keen sense of ideas just seem to pour out of the piano - and only the best pianists can master these works.

The 2nd is definitely the height of his oeuvre. It starts with an almost East Asian like melody and surges into a tempestuous cadenza. The 4th movement is a precedent to minimalism in many ways, as well as a good culmination of both the neo-romantic and modernist spirit. Violin Concertos - tie, with a personal preference for Prokofiev. The third movement contains the most romantic of all Prokofiev melodies, but then leads into this intense modernist display of tension. The trilled rephrase of the 1st movement intro is brilliant.

The D flat major fugue for example is just wild, sprawling, a monster of its form. The e minor prelude is as solemn and haunting as music can be, and this is only two of a giant and consistent set of The War Sonatas Nos. All I can say is that this work shocked audiences at its premiere, and is somehow akin to demons screaming at you with giant drums and hell fire pouring down.

Chamber Music - Shostakovich trumps Prokofiev here. The Piano Quintet is one of the greatest pieces of chamber music in history as is the 8th string quartet and a whole bunch of others that for some reason have turned out much less famous than they should be.

I forgot about that one! That definitely needs to be mentioned on the "Terrifying Music" thread. It takes a terrified man to make terrified music. The Fiery Angel was the end of that long period. I am too a Prokofiev fanatic more than a Shostakovich fanatic. Seize the day! Jul,


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