Gulrajas The depth of garage cannot be less than 12 feet or more than 18 feet. The 15 feet and 9 inches deep open space along the front of the house is considered the lawn. June bylzws, at 9: According to the bylaws, the minimum width of garage in a 1-kanal house has to be 10 feet. If you want to add something to the information I have shared above, use the comment section below.

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This effective implementation gives this upscale housing society an unrivalled symmetry, making sure that the perfectly aligned houses, well-manicured parks, carpeted roads, meticulously-planned commercial markets and immaculately landscaped greenbelts leave a lasting impression.

However, not a lot of property owners are aware of the construction bylaws in DHA, Lahore, since they expect their architects and contractors to take care of the matter. To be completely honest, that should never be the case.

If you own a plot in DHA, one of the most popular places to buy property in Lahore, and are planning to build a house there, you should at least familiarize yourself with some imperative building and construction guidelines. Whether you are planning to build a 5 marla house or a lavish 1 kanal unit, here are some of the most important DHA, Lahore, bylaws that you must be aware of.

DHA, Lahore, provides a Completion Certificate to all buildings constructed according to its bylaws This DHA Completion Certificate is mandatory to buy or sell property in the housing society DHA has the right to demolish un-approved structures If an unapproved structure cannot be demolished, the owner will be required to pay a fine of PKR 2, per sq ft. One cannot convert a residential plot in DHA, Lahore, into any other type without the approval of the Executive Board.

Standard Sizes of Residential Plots As per the building bylaws in DHA, Lahore, these are the standard sizes of residential plots in the area: 5 marla plots 25 ft x 45 ft 7 marla plots 30 ft x However, as per the guidelines available on the official website of DHA, Lahore, if the size of a plot is increased or decreased due to town planning or re-planning, the owner will be required to pay the price of the extra square footage or claim refund, whichever is applicable.

The same goes for corner plots. Since corner plots cost more than the others, the owner will be reimbursed by the authority in case the corner plot ceases to exist due to town re-planning. Similarly, you are only allowed to build one house on a plot. The Defence Housing Authority may allow subdivision in case of a 2 kanal residential plot, though the owner must submit an application with all the required documents and clear any outstanding dues to obtain permission.

The building plan must be signed by a registered architect. The specimen for the undertakings are available with Customer Care. The owner must submit the required documents at Customer Care counter numbers 6, 7, 8 or 9 and obtain a payment slip for challan generation by the Finance Branch.

Once paid, its photocopy will be attached to the submitted plan and other documents. The property owner will be issued an acknowledgement slip. If the drawings are approved, the owner will visit the Building Control Branch to get the payment slip for Transfer of Immovable Property TIP tax, which is levied at 3 percent. The owner will have to provide three photocopies of the paid challan to collect the approved building plan.

The construction in DHA, Lahore, must commence within one month after the approval of drawings and demarcation. The building bylaws dictate the project must be completed within two years.

It is important to mention that you can download required DHA, Lahore, application forms from the official website free of cost. The Most Important Construction Bylaws in DHA, Lahore If you own a property in DHA, Lahore, it is absolutely imperative for you to know the important building bylaws Here are some of the most significant building bylaws in DHA, Lahore, which all members must be aware of: The plot owner must obtain approval from Defence Housing Authority for any construction, alteration, addition, demolition or renovation of the building.

You can remove the boundary wall between two neighbouring houses or install a common door only in cases of blood relation between the owners, subject to the approval from the concerned authorities. However, the owners will be required to construct a boundary wall or remove the common door before selling either or both of the properties. The authorized officers are allowed to inspect the building at various stages of construction without prior notice.

An officer can also visit your property following the completion of construction and demolish any structures than were either unapproved or violate the construction bylaws in DHA, Lahore. The maximum height of residential buildings in Phases 1 to 4 must not exceed 30 ft from the road. Meanwhile, the maximum heights of buildings in Phases 5 and onwards can be 35 ft. The living room ceiling must not be less than 9. The height of the basement ceiling must be at least 9 ft and not more than 10 ft.

The height of a car porch should be at least 9 ft. It also should not exceed the height of the ground floor. The depth of a car porch should be at least 12 ft excluding 2 ft projection and should not be more than 18 ft.

You cannot use common boundary walls to build car porch columns For 5 marla plots in DHA Lahore, the covered area of the first floor can be percent of the permissible area of the ground floor. However, for 10 marla, 1 kanal and 2 kanal units, the covered area of the first floor must not exceed 75 percent of the covered area on the ground floor.

Only single story basements are allowed in the residential areas Defence Housing Authority has permitted the installation of 2 ft wide roof projection with a 6-inch dropdown. The maximum allowed height for the boundary wall is 7 ft. You can install up to 2 ft high electric wire fence on the boundary wall after obtaining a No-Objection Certificate from the neighbouring houses.

Only 1 kanal and above properties are allowed to construct a swimming pool. No one is allowed to bore well, water pump or install a motor directly on the water supply line For subdivision or amalgamation of plots, the owner must submit an application on the prescribed form to Defence Housing Authority.

Clear Spaces around the Building In accordance with the DHA, Lahore, construction bylaws, homeowners must leave certain clear spaces around the building. Area Size.





Latest Defence DHA Lahore Building Byelaws for More Details Call Faraz 0321-4000646



Construction Bylaws in DHA Lahore




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