Shelves: favorites , pres-sf Thus far Man has come alone. One thinking, intelligent race all by itself. Think of how much farther, how much faster it might have gone had there been two races, two thinking, intelligent races, working together. For, you see, they would not think alike. The old story of two heads.

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The Creator page novelette: first magazine publication , first book publication Cosmic Engineers first published as a "short novel" in Astounding Science Fiction, February , March , and April , expanded slightly for novel publication, Empire Galaxy novel 7. City In the far future, only dogs and robots are left on Earth to recount the old stories and debate whether Man ever existed at all.

A paranormal who telepathically travels to other planets brings back an alien consciousness that can manipulate time. He will need the help as humans rise to wipe out "parries". A lunar prospector investigates the crater Tycho where spacecraft have disappeared. They Walked Like Men A newsman learns alien "bowling balls" that can take any form are buying up the Earth. A Civil War veteran is a caretaker of a secret Way Station, a transfer point for aliens.

But the outside world is snooping around, and their blundering may endanger all of humanity. All Flesh Is Grass The town of Millville is trapped in a bubble by an alien hive-race of purple flowers. It has established a toehold for mutual cooperation—or invasion. The Werewolf Principle An astronaut returns to Earth with two different creatures trapped inside him, so in times of stress morphs into either a "werewolf" or an impregnable pyramid.

The Goblin Reservation A traveler teleporting home learns he was murdered a week before by either sneaking aliens or their rivals, the leprechauns and trolls of the local reservation. Out of Their Minds A newsman is hunted by werewolves, dinosaurs, sea serpents, and other creatures from human imagination, and no one will tell him why.

Destiny Doll Four humans explore the mysteries of an eerie deserted planet. A Choice of Gods After Cemetery World Earth has been turned into a vast and silent cemetery. A composer and a treasure-hunter have come to venture past the walls into the wilderness, where they find renegades, war machines, steel wolves, and ghosts whispering answers. Enchanted Pilgrimage When a scholar finds a hidden manuscript he sets out to discover the secrets of the wasteland, accompanied by fellow travelers who join him along the way.

Yet something is about to happen. A Heritage of Stars In a primitive world where technology collapsed, a woodsrunner, a witch, and a frontiering robot seek answers at The Place of Going to the Stars. He is helped by a lonely ghost, a goblin, a demon, and a warrior woman riding a griffin.

A cat-faced alien stranded in Wisconsin befriends locals, then time-engineers portals into prehistoric epochs. The locals start a tourism company for big-game hunters, and maybe a new country: Mastodonia. The Visitors Giant black boxes land on Earth to eat trees. Completely ignored, humans wonder if this is an invasion or something even more sinister.

Project Pope On the planet End of Nothing, robots have labored a thousand years to build a computerized infallible pope to eke out the ultimate truth. Their work is preempted when a human Listener discovers what might be the planet Heaven. Special Deliverance A college professor and other oddballs are dropped onto a bleak world near a giant blue cube - and no clue how to proceed.

Highway of Eternity Also known as Highway to Eternity. A man who can "step around a corner" gets scattered across time alongside futuristic refugees. All are fleeing super-advanced humans who have transcended into pure thought—and expect everyone else to come along. The Best of Clifford D. Introduction by Francis Lyall. Introduction by Poul Anderson. Science fiction short stories[ edit ] The table is ordered by date; select an arrow to sort by another column.


Clifford D. Simak

Learn more on my Disclosure page. The journey should be relatively easy — each man is transformed into a native Jovian Loper and then is supposed to go to the first survey stake and return. But apparently it is because no one has ever come back! Now as the rest of the people in the survey dome are talking about the disappearances, and the biologists are insisting that it has nothing to do with the Loper transformations, Fowler decides to take a huge risk to find out exactly what is happening to his men. Allen stood waiting, quietly.


Reading Log: Desertion by Clifford D. Simak

Simak in , follows the story of an army commander and his dog. The story is set on Jupiter, where a military commander, Harold Fowler, has been losing men in his attempt to colonize the planet. The men have been lost when they are biologically turned into aliens called lopers. For this reason it is necessary to convert people into lopers, the only naturally living creatures on jupiter, in hopes that these people lopers can learn more about the planet.

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