Some are free. The list is in alphabetical order. FlippingBook - A professional solution for creating online realistic digital magazines, e-catalogs and brochures with page flip effect. Also manages their own personal content via Bookshelves.

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Some are free. The list is in alphabetical order. FlippingBook - A professional solution for creating online realistic digital magazines, e-catalogs and brochures with page flip effect.

Also manages their own personal content via Bookshelves. Free GUI-based tools that offers a range of conversions. Free trial available. Free trial version. Freeware with all features enabled. Par is a package that reformats paragraphs. It is similar to fmt but much better for eBooks. Source and winodws binaries are available. Command line application. It works both on Windows and Mac osx.

PDF to Flash Converter - from xstudio. After the PDF to text conversion, you can easily enjoy or edit the files. To change pdf files to Microsoft Office, to images, or find a pdf creator, epub creator from pdf files to epub software. They also have tools to edit PDF documents. Also works from most any source file freeware. They have a free version for home use. Readerworks - from Overdrive converts to LIT. The standard version is free while the professional version is authoring software.

Devices include Zune, Image viewers, Archos video viewers, etc. They can also extract images from PDF. Viewers are free. They also have an XML editor. Stanza - eBook reader and converter from Lexcycle. Requires the August update version 4. Both free and commercial versions. IBSuite stands for image book suite. It contains a set of tools to convert ebook in various format pdf, chm, html into a set of images.

It is free. Source is available. Designed for high-scale usage. Quark is Web and Java based writing and publishing tools. They have a Word add-on as well for Microsoft Word users.

They are listed in alphabetical order. Alkinea creates ePub or mobi ebooks from ODT files. Requires Windows. Net 2. Check out this discussion BookCreator Tool is an eBook creator tool. Uses Python. Also has utilities to download websites and automatically convert them to e-book formats.

Windows GUI. Intended for Kindle but can be customized to work on any mobile device that can display a PDF file. JKindleComic - Optimize your two page scanned comics for Kindle. You can split images, resize images, save as PDF, save as. It will import RTF files. It will create an ePub directly from an ODT file. Note: Some are works in progress, some require you to compile them. Before using please read the posted MobileRead thread where available.

At times there are other programs and utilities that must be loaded prior to using certain tools listed below. Note that some of these programs have their own content pages in this wiki. The text of the eBook is converted from the notes field of the slide. The text of the presentation slide is recorded as alternative text for vision impaired readers. The text decompressor extractor for.

Version 0. Will work anywhere python is installed. Does text only, no formatting. Gutclean - A wordwrap utility for Project Gutenberg text files. RB formats simultaneously. Image 2 ePUB - converts images in cbz,. It is discussed in the MobileRead forum. Imp Librarian , by L.

Catalogs a collection of. IMP files and produces. Ishtar by Yves Sagnier. Requires Java. LIT files to. Written in Python. Requires Microsoft. Does not use XYLogParser. Now included in Book Designer. There are also some compiled windows binaries. Pandoc converts lots of input formats to lots of output formats. PaperCrop converts a PDF to images. It removes borders and multiple columns to make viewing easier on portable devices.

Binaries for Mac, Windows, and Ubuntu. Uses Java. Has controls to manage the thickness of the lines and can split PDF pages. It creates an image out of each page, enhances, then collates in a device-specific format supports.

Plucker Desktop - Free, open source, cross-platform application to "pluck" HTML pages and create pdb files that can be read e. Tidy is one of several programs with tidy in their names. Technically it is not a conversion program but rather a program to clean up HTML files. Windows only. Can be configured for other page sizes.

Can sync directly to Sony Readers. Supports a plugin architecture for sources, formats and target devices. Works within Microsoft Word. PRC or Adobe. PDF files. Other conversions are planned. Converter Page Offers an online tool which allows to convert between the most common ebook file formats for free. Cometdocs is a free online document and e-book conversion tool that has on the fly OCR conversion capabilities, over 50 different conversion options and proprietary XPS and PDF conversion abilities that retains formatting, images and text in the selected output format.

DocsPal is a free online file converter that supports many type of documents, e-books, images, and other kind of files: doc, pdf, odt, djvu, epub, fb2, lit, mobi, excel, and many others. You copy the icon dotebpub to your bookmarks and then whatever page you are displaying will be converted when you choose that bookmark. No programming skills are required, and support for images, both color and black-and-white, is included. It provides real page turning effect along with Audio and Videos, which grab more attention of your readers.

Works on all platforms without installing any additional software. It also allows editing your ebooks online, as well as sharing, storing, and reading them.


Convert lrf to epub

It is fully compatible with Sony eBook readers. Part 1. By adopting innovative iBooks DRM decryption technology, it can work at 30X faster speed and support batch conversion. Plus, it enables you to customize the e-book parameters, including book author, cover, publish date, and more according to your special needs. The common way is to click the "Add Files" option at the upper of the main interface, iBooks library will show up automatically and you can choose the wanted iBooks to TunesKit from iBooks library. Step 2Customize output settings Once all DRM eBooks have imported successfully, you can start to customize your iBooks by changing the book cover, book author, publish date and others. Also, you can click the "Open" tab to set the destination folder.


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