The star was distinguished only by a curious amber cast to its light. The planet was somewhat larger than Earth, attended by a pair of small moons with rapid periods of orbit. Call them whatever you like - space opera, pulp fiction, planetary romance, golden age science-fiction, heroic fantasy - labels are unnecessary for enjoying these amazing tales of imagination and adventure. I might even go further back to Gulliver or to legends of rogues and travellers coming to us from antiquity. Tschai shares with them the casual approach to scientific accuracy, swordfighting, amoral characters, multiracial planets and some outdated mysoginism and imperialist atitudes. Yet Tschai is a Jack Vance creation, which for me means that the pupil is surpassing the teachers Burroughs and Brackett in vision, prose, exuberant worldbuilding and chaotic action.

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Collins who narrates the Lyonesse books so amazingly wonderfuland for the Cadwal series I would like to hear Simon Vance, who has actually narrated the first book, Araminta Station, but this book is strangely enough not available on audible. Yes Would you ever listen to cyasch by Jack Vance again? Very Good; Light reading creases and edge wear. Item s unavailable for purchase. A couple of price stickers to front of jacket. Apr 19, Lyn rated it really liked it.

All of these races on Tschai are seemingly intent upon killing each other, though none of them wish to upset the current balance of power and thus restrict themselves to small battles and bandit raids…none of the races is quite powerful enough to completely overpower the others and each of the aliens is capable of dealing a death blow to the planet should anyone attempt to overrun them. The non-human creatures — Blue Chasch, as Reith was to learn — walked on short heavy legs, moving with a stiff-legged strut.

The book really shines to me near the end, where Reith earns leadership of a community and had to figure out what to do with it. Cuando se preparan para lanzar hacia la superficie a dos exploradores, la nave es atacada y destruida, alcanzando los exploradores el planeta con mucha dificultad y mediante un aterrizaje de emergencia.

Unfortunately for Reith chasc Waunder, their mothership is destroyed as soon as they disembark for Tschai. And Jack Vance did think up a great world here. Works by Jack Vance. The teen is not unwilling to go, since he would be expected to sacrifice himself to the gods if the tribe did not prosper. Two elite scouts, Adam Reith and Paul Waunder, are dispatched in a small scout-boat to investigate the planet whence it came.

Advanced Book Search Browse by Subject. In the next books Reith picks up allies with their own back stories, and it is his sheer determination over the long haul that is epic. July 14, Imprint: It still fun, but definitely on the light fluffy side. Their investigation of the wreckage is interrupted by a third group, belonging to the Dirdir. It is manned as Reith later learns by massive, alien Blue Chasch and their human Chaschmen servants.

Yes, great alien encounter fantasy, by the master Jack Vance. Meet dangerous alien, bash and run. A scout is a man who likes a change. Your display name should be at least 2 chasdh long. Related Posts



Plot summary[ edit ] A human starship intercepts a mysterious signal and tracks it back to Carina , a star system light years from Earth. Two elite scouts, Adam Reith and Paul Waunder, are dispatched in a small scout-boat to investigate the planet whence it came. Seconds later, a missile destroys their mothership. The two survivors nurse the severely damaged scout-boat to the planet before ejecting into a forest. The crash site is first discovered by a band of technologically primitive humans.


Book Review: City of the Chasch, Jack Vance (1968)


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