Section 1. The Identity and Role of the True Parents The Emergence of the True Parents True Parents and the Messiah Section 1. The Hope of Humankind

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Formless, Invisible, Mystery Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon You cannot see God even in the spirit world. Can you see energy? God is the original source of energy. Therefore, even in the spirit world He cannot be seen. He is infinitely greater than any concept of bigness and infinitesimally smaller than any concept of smallness. If love had a certain shape, like a square, then it could only accommodate a square-shaped person. But because love is like the air, without shape or form, it can fill any shape or form.

Love can be sometimes round, sometimes thin. It can be stretched like an elastic thread, even thousands of miles. Stretch me further. Stop it! That love string will pull God and stretch Him out. How many kilograms does He weigh? A hundred billion tons? Were God that heavy, He would have a serious problem trying to move around. Rather, it is ideal that God is invisible. Even if you carried Him inside your wallet, you would not feel any weight.

Being invisible, God can pass through the eye of even the smallest needle. He can move around at will. Being infinitely large yet also infinitely small, He can freely move about anywhere in the universe.

If you could see Him [as He commented on your every action and every word], you would have a nervous breakdown and would be dead within an hour. This is no laughing matter. I tell you this from my own poignant experience.

Then I can do as I wish without being seen or caught by anyone. Imagine the vast distances! God could foresee that He would be miserable. Having conceived all possibilities, God decided to take dominion as a formless, invisible existence. Being invisible, God can move about at His convenience. Moreover, nobody feels troubled when God travels about the physical world. Even if God were to step on your body, you would not notice.

How convenient! It is simple logic that God chose to be an invisible God because that resulted in the most convenienceā€¦ This content is restricted to Daily Inspiration site members. If you are an existing user, please log in. New users may register below. Existing Users Log In.


Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 74

The Tabernacle was not the ultimate holy of holies. Fallen people built that Tabernacle. The reproductive organs of men and women are the real holy of holies. If you misuse them, you will be struck by lightning. Just as God struck and killed any Israelite who violated the Holy of Holies, if we misuse our holy of holies we will bring ruin to heaven and earth. Husband and wife have to be the high priests responsible to protect love. A couple becomes the high priests who protect love.


How Heavy Do You Think God Is?


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