Over de lengte van de uitvoeringen zegt Ten Holt in zijn memoires : "Ook de veronderstelling van hoe-langer-hoe-beter is een vergissing als de spanning tussen twee tijdpunten ontbreekt en er niet meer klinkt dan zinloze herhaling van hetzelfde". In Muziekbus zegt Ten Holt over al de verschillende uitvoeringen Zo zelfs dat ik bepaalde interpretaties niet meer als mijn stuk beschouwde. Ik werd bijvoorbeeld wel boos toen ze van de melodiepassage een soort fuga gingen maken.

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A couple of performances have taken place with the carillon of the Dom Tower of Utrecht. It has also been performed in several public spaces all around the Netherlands, such as the Groningen railway station. Style[ edit ] This piece is considered to be minimal in origin, because of the repetitive, obstinate, nature of the piece, but there is some discussion on this subject.

Another typical aspect is the fact that one can hear the same or similar bass figures and harmonies throughout the piece, which explains the title. If one word would have to catch the essence of Canto Ostinato, one could use "meditative", as the different sections are similar, but generate different emotional reactions. Examples of pieces written by Ten Holt in roughly the same way are Lemniscaat , Horizon , Incantatie IV and Meandres , none of which has become as popular as Canto Ostinato.

Recordings[ edit ] Excerpts are available for download on official sites see external links. Many different recordings of Canto Ostinato are now available. The CD recording made by Kees Wieringa and Polo de Haas , published in by Emergo Classics , received Gold status , which means that more than 10, copies have been sold the actual number lies above 15, That is rather rare for modern classical music performance CDs and especially for Dutch composers, who usually do not generate that much popularity.

One particular record was made by Ivo Janssen , published in , which has a total length of around 60 minutes, and is a one man, one piano, performance of the original composition. Simeon ten Holt was the official sponsor of the record of Canto Ostinato by the Dutch Rondane Quartet published in Other versions use combinations of piano, organ, marimba, carillon and other instruments.


Canto Ostinato



Canto ostinato


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