Page 57 Focus with the selector dial. You can add additional audio track, or replace audio and video on a previously-recorded tape. Operation is subject zf45mc the following two conditions: Digital Effects, Faders and Special Effects. Amazingly sophisticated circuitry delivers proper exposure automatically under almost any lighting condition. The time remaining counts down in the display e.

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Doulkis File Nos File numbers The images you take are automatically assigned file numbers mnual and stored in folders of images each.

Spotlight Mode comes to the rescue. Viewing Still Images Play back and view still images recorded on a memory card. When to recharge You can recharge a lithium ion battery pack whenever it is convenient.

Page Make sure a memory card that has images recorded on it and a cassette have been inserted into the camcorder. Charge the BP Series battery packs with power from your car battery. How much power is left? The full frame images are free from time lag blur. The MultiMediaCard supplied with this camcorder has already been formatted foryou.

Vertical Wipe WIPE When you start recording, the picture begins as a thin vertical line in the center of the screen which gradually expands sideways until it fills the whole of the screen. Connect the camcorder and the other digital device. The mabual of stillimages that can stillbe recorded on thememory card You can also change the color in which theylight up to green, orange, blue, yellow, turquoise greenish blue or purple.

Slide the program selector to [. Do not forcefully insert the memory cards backwards or upside down. E Card operations submenu when playing back a single image qwertCopy from card to cassette. Zr45mcc the camcorder to playback pause mode. Press the selector dial in to select the desired program. A good way to tell a story withvideo is to begin with a long shot thatestablishes the situation, and then movein with medium shots and close-ups toshow the details. EImage being recorded by thecamcorderStill imageMix levelThe mix level bar appears.

Possible data code combinations for cassettes: Page 12 ETerminal coverRemote sensor p. You will need to attach a power source mamual the camcorder Power off all devices before starting the connections. Set the VCR to playback pause mode. Page Condensation Condensation may form acnon the camcorder when it is moved from a cold place to a warm place. The MultiMediaCard is an ultra-small, ultra-light mediathat can record still images. Actual prices are determined by individual dealers and may vary.

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ZR45MC AE inoperative

Arazragore Answered on Dec 17, Theprotect mark appears on the image. E3 VCR set up submenuo! Theoriginal sound will not be erased. File Nos File numbers The images you take are automatically assigned file numbers from and stored in folders of images each. Page 92 Digitally outputting analog video and audiosignals Analog-Digital Converter EConnecting the camcorder to your VCR or 8 mm video manaul allows conversionof recorded analog video and audio signals to digital signals in an instant. Turn the selector dial up and down to change the year.


Canon ZR45MC, ZR50MC User Manual

Page 4 Page 11 E Viewfinder focusing lever p. Page 12 E Terminal cover Remote sensor p. Page 15 6. Remove the battery pack after use. Page 17 2.


Canon ZR45 MC Camcorder User Manual


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