Link Copied I. Using firearms, machetes, and a variety of garden implements, Hutu militiamen, soldiers, and ordinary citizens murdered some , Tutsi and politically moderate Hutu. It was the fastest, most efficient killing spree of the twentieth century. President Bill Clinton, a famously avid reader, expressed shock.

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For the duration of the seemingly endless Syrian civil war, she has figuratively fiddled while that country burns. We have long known that the quartet had this in the works, and my organization, The World Values Network, even took out a full page ad against the proposed UN resolution a few months back.

Rather, the truly shocking part is that the most senior members of the American foreign policy team were pushing this resolution through while Aleppo burned. Just imagine — there is a genocide going on for years in the Middle East in general and Syria in particular.

This is the classic definition of genocide where an ethnic group is target for annihilation. Aleppo is in the news daily, as the world watches the horrors of bombings of civilians amid incalculable loss of life. And what was Samantha Power, the great anti-genocide campaigner, doing while Aleppo and its residents were being reduced to rubble? Why, scheming against Israel, of course! Power should have resigned over Syria long ago. She decided instead to embrace the hypocrisy of having written a Pulitzer-prize winning book condemning previous American administrations who were bystanders to genocide, while becoming one herself.

That was bad enough. What we know now is far worse. Earth to Samantha: , Arabs died in Syria. Do you really think the problem in the Middle East is Jews building extra bedrooms in communities in Beit-El? But you passed this motion condemning peace-loving Jews who live in the ancient Biblical lands of Judea and Samaria?

That was prior to entering the Obama administration, and adopting a policy of humiliating silence as Iran threatened genocide against Israel and actual genocides were carried out in parts of Africa and the Middle East. Rather than work to bring down the brutal Assad regime and support Syrians who reject his totalitarian rule and the proposed Sharia law of the Muslim extremists, Power stood by while Iran and its Hezbollah terrorist puppets rushed in to bolster the tottering Assad regime.

Acting early on would have saved tens of thousands of lives. By failing to act swiftly and surely, Obama also opened the door to Russian intervention. Putin has also extended his tentacles into nations that had been staunch U. Just as Iran has cheated on the nuclear deal while Obama and Power have buried their heads in the sand, Syria also ignored the toothless warnings of the president and kept enough weapons to continue to slaughter civilians and rebels alike.

But heck — at least Obama and Power finally socked it to Bibi and Israel. On the hundredth anniversary of the Armenian genocide, she could not bring herself to speak the truth, even after promising to do so during the presidential campaign. Taking the moral low ground, Power continued to repeat, robotically, the politically convenient and historically inaccurate line that Turkey did not wage a genocidal war against the Armenians.

Samantha could have followed the demands she made of members of earlier Administrations that were bystanders to genocide and resigned from this morally bankrupt administration long ago, and perhaps escaped with some semblance of her reputation intact. Alas, it is far too late now.

As a former administration official, she will reap the financial benefits as a lecturer, pontificator and perhaps academic. Her conduct has disqualified her from any such discussion, unless it is to explain how someone can be a bystander to genocide.


Bystanders to Genocide



Samantha Power Watched Half a Million Arabs Die — Then Slammed Israel






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