April 18, News Talk about BS Scaffolding, the name is quite strange for the Vietnamese market, but this is a very popular standard for developed countries in the world, strict requirements for quality and security of scaffolding is often applied for oil and gas market, refineries, thermal power, and industrial. BS is a British standard of scaffolding materials, certified and trusted in most of Europe, widely used in civil and building structure. What Is BS Scaffolding? BS is the standard that specifies the specifications for size, length, thickness, type of material, load capacity, etc. Tubes: Outside diameter including ovality :

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The 0. They shall not exert a frictional grip on the internal surface of the tube. All fittings shall be designed for fixing in the normal manner for service as part of a scaffold. The maximum force applied to fittings, when in use, shall not exceed 6. The various parts of the couplers and fittings shall be firmly attached to each other unless the design precludes this and it is impossible for the coupler or fitting under load to remain in position on the tubes without all its parts.

Tests on fittings shall be carried out by fixing the fittings to be tested to tubes that comply with BS If fittings are supplied as being suitable for particular types of tube welded, seamless, or close-jointed steel see note or aluminium alloy they shall be tested on tubes of those particular types. For the purposes of the tests the fittings shall be properly fixed by means of the tool normally supplied for the particular type of fitting.

The fitting shall be capable of passing the necessary tests without damage which would render the fitting, or the tube or tubes with which it is tested, unserviceable for further use in scaffolding. The coupler, connecting two tubes at right angles and suitably prevented from slip-ping on the vertical tube, as shown in Figure 1, shall be capable of supporting, without distortion, a load of The coupler connecting two tubes at right angles, as shown in Figure 2 shall be capable of sustaining a load of During this test the coupler shall not rotate through an angle exceeding 10 from the horizontal.

In carrying out the tests described in a and b , the coupler shall be tested with each gripping surface in turn subjected to distortion and slip respectively and with the test load applied successively in reverse directions for each coupler position. This requirement, however, shall not prohibit a washer of adequate bearing area being interposed between the faces of the coupler, provided it is an exact fit on the pin and the coupler is not rendered less efficient by the use of the washer.

The pin connecting the two parts of a swivel coupler shall be of steel and not less than


China scaffolding bs1139



BS1139 Standard For Scaffold Materials


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