Yolrajas S Server HP Common Slot Power Supply is a bay design that provides you with commonality in power supplies across multiple platforms—saving on the cost of spares and offering power solutions that match your needs. System Insight Display is a robust slide-out system diagnostics display that makes it easy to find troubleshooting information at the front of the server, helping to save administrator time. We are set up for collaborating with you with screen sharing and Web Talk. Search within a Product Document Type Enter. If you have questions or special requests, please contact us before you make your purchase.

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Servers Gateways Avaya offers a full range of media gateways designed to enhance the benefits of IP telephony for businesses of every size. They support multiple protocols, and offer a high degree of reliability, security, and performance at every price point.

G Media Gateway This branch-office gateway allows businesses to economically extend headquarters communications applications to small branch offices with two to fourteen extensions.

It is targeted for small to mid sized branch offices or medium sized standalone businesses. Like other Avaya GX50 series Media Gateways, it can be configured to extend Communication Manager features and applications to branch offices at the edge of the enterprise network. G Media Gateway G Developed for mid- to large branch offices and medium sized standalone businesses, this gateway can be configured with an S Server blade or S Server to serve standalone or small campus environments.

Available dual redundant, load-sharing power supplies provide enhanced reliability. G Media Gateway Optimized for campuses and large contact centers, the G is a high-density trunking gateway that supports up to twelve DS3 interfaces in a single 5U chassis. It provides a money-saving solution for organizations that need to consolidate multiple DS1 interfaces, helping to reduce hardware costs, power bills and carrier charges. It delivers reliable converged networking in an easily managed package.

As a consolidated solution, it helps reduce hardware, deployment and management costs, resulting in a competitive total cost of ownership. Designed for reliability in the most demanding customer environments, they feature powerful industry-standard processors running the Linux operating system. S Server The S Server with a G, G,G or G Media Gateway provides a flexible solution for growing companies to streamline voice and data operations over one networked infrastructure.

It can be a standalone solution for a small business or a remote edge device for a larger enterprise network with 8 to stations. S Server The S Server is a Linux-based server that provides Communication Manager processing functionality in stand alone, single port network, and telephony systems requiring up to stations.

The S Media Server provides midsize enterprises with a cost-effective solution to support up to five media gateways and multiple locations. It also supports software for voice messaging, fax messaging, auto attendant and other applications S Server Designed to support distributed IP for mid-sized and large businesses, this server offers powerful reliability features: It can be configured as a Local Survivable Processor LSP , allowing it to act as a higher capacity LSP for larger remote sites of a distributed enterprise.

It provides enterprise survivability, similar to ESS, allowing it to serve as a "regional" survivable server for multiple H. The S Server running Communication Manager allows for a distributed enterprise over an IP infrastructure, ideal for the midsize or large business up to 3, ports.

S Server The S Server line offers three different models, all of which offer duplicated processors for greater reliability. The processors can be separated up to ten kilometers 6.


Avaya S8800 Server (700501102B)

Durisar Designed for versatility and high performance, it provides many of the virtualization, system management, and energyefficiency features you need now and the scalability necessary to change as your business grows. The DL G7 server can help you achieve all these goals, at a great price—making it the right choice for organizations looking to make the most of their investment. Enclose exact words or phrases in double quotes. Dell Services can help reduce IT complexity, lower costs, and eliminate inefficiencies by making IT and business solutions work harder for you. Avaya S Server Simplified Systems Management With the optional advanced embedded systems management capabilities of Lifecycle Controller, Dell provides comprehensive enterprise class manageability already seever the motherboard. Robust, metal hard drive carriers and organized cabling are designed to help improve component access and airflow across the server.


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S8800 Server


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