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Music publishing ensures not only the dissemination of music, but also its preservation. Music publishers have often been composers e. Telemann and Boismortier in the eighteenth century and Diabelli in the nineteenth. As the first Parisian music printer, Attaignant, whose career started in , is, naturally, of considerable historical and musical importance.

Attaignant rapidly built up an international distribution network, and between and his death, in or , his publications spread to many other parts of Europe, beginning with "Chansons nouvelles" which led to an important series of four-part chansons books. He was also the first music publisher to increase production by inventing a faster, more accurate printing system which allowed notes and staves to be combined in a single impression.

In , Attaignant became royal printer to king Francis I Since many works simply did not exist in manuscript, it can be assumed that much of the music that bears his name was, to some extent, completely reconstructed by Attaignant himself.

An example of those are the seven books of anonymous pieces "for organ, spinet, clavichord and suchlike instruments", that include chansons, two plainsong settings, psalm tunes from the Mass and Magnificat, motets and a selection of pavanes, branles and basses dances.

Lute works such as the Padoana alla francese and the well-known Dix-huit basses dances continue to appear in modern editions arranged for a variety of instruments. Thanks to Attaignant, listeners can appreciate the variety and subtlety of such leaders of the chanson schools of composition in the Middle Ages and Renaissance as Machaut and Jannequin, and the fifteenth-century Burgundian school of Dufay and Binchois, whose settings emphasize colloquial speech rhythms.

Attaignant also prepared new editions of established works. His inspired and meticulous work provides fresh insights into Medieval and Renaissance music through scholarly editions based on reliable sources. Instrumentation is often absent in pre-fifteenth-century music, and its present-day interpretation requires an imaginative approach to textures, and performing techniques that preserve its innate vigor and immediacy.


Pierre Attaingnant

Zulkitaxe Pierre Attaingnant Genre Categories Dances ; For 4 instruments ; Scores with open instrumentation ; For 4 players ; French language ; For mixed chorus arr ; Scores featuring mixed chorus ; For unaccompanied chorus ; For 4 recorders arr ; Scores featuring the recorder ; For keyboard arr ; Scores featuring keyboard soloists. Let us drink well, drink my friends, clink glasses, Drink, merrily sing! Attaigmant file s are part of the Werner Icking Music Collection. La voz de Alto es una mezcla de las voces de Contratenor y Tenor originales. Guido Gonzato submitted Translation by Roel Haveman.


Tourdion (Pierre Attaingnant)

Life[ edit ] Attaingnant is considered to be first large-scale publisher of single-impression movable type for music-printing, thus making it possible to print faster and cheaper than predecessors such as Ottaviano Petrucci. Attaingnant is often credited with being the first to develop this technique; however, sufficient evidence exists to suggest that John Rastell, an English printer in London, was the first to use single-impression printing in Attaingnant acquired royal privileges for his music books, which were renewed many times. Eventually he was named imprimeur et libraire du Roy en musique printer and bookseller of the King for music. In this system, the individual notes were printed directly onto segments of staff , and so the notes, staff lines, and text could all be printed with one send through the printing press.



Nel divenne stampatore e libraio reale secondo disposizione del re Francesco I [2]. Fu anche compositore di danze e chanson nello stile dei suoi contemporanei. Alcune opere pubblicate[ modifica modifica wikitesto ] Branle de Poictou Dixneuf chansons musicales reduictes en la tabulature des Orgues Espinettes Manichordions, et telz semblables instrumentz musicaulx Idibus Januraii sic. Vingt et cinq chansons musicales reduictes en la tabulature des Orgues Espinettes Manichordions, et telz semblables instrumentz musicaulx


Le tourdion


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