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Army Reserve, unless otherwise stated. It also applies to Department of the Army Civilians, and to U. Armed Forces and U. Coast Guard offi- H i s t o r y. T h e p o r t i o n s affected by this administrative revision are listed in the summary of change. It includes policy statements, operating tasks, and rules in support of operating tasks.

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A: no person may require changes be made to an evaluation report. Para Is the evaluation of Soldiers by persons not involved in the chain of command or chain of supervision appropriate? A: Generally No. Para What is the minimum time period is required for reviewer qualification? A: None. A: The Rater. A: in the character section.

A: The Senior Rater. The relative risk associated with the performance. The prudence and results of action taken. The adequacy of resources. The overall efficiency of the organization Para A What does evaluation report reviews provide?

A: the evaluation reporting process, and the accuracy of the completed report. A: 1 Ensure that the proper rater and senior rater complete the report. If the minimum rating period has not been met, the period is nonrated.

Para C 1 What happens in the event of loss, relief, or incapacitation of that rating official for a DA form ? The death of a Soldier does not require an evaluation report.

A: it assures a verified communication process throughout the rating period. A: 1 Direct and develop their subordinates. Para C What does performance objectives as the basis for leadership communication enable? Routine objectives.





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