Percentage of British proof spirit. Preface Our department is proud to publish this book of alcoholometric tables. To take a reading from the hydrometer scale, observe a point slightly below the plane of the liquid surface fig. I was referrring to dehydrated alcohol USP spec.

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Arrangement and Range of Tables The tables are constructed according to systematic increments of density in 0. The density of absolute ethyl alcohol, C2H5OH, as calculated from the general formula is Values have been calculated for individual density steps 0. Verification Instruments which are used in the determination of alcoholic strength for fiscal purposes must be verified in a manner approved by the Minister of National Revenue, Canada. Improper handling, such as lifting the instrument by the stem from a horizontal position, will lead to a high incidence of breakage.

Hydrometers should always be handled by the bulb body of the instrument. Hydrometers should be held by the tip of the stem only at the time of the actual measurement procedure, with the instrument in a vertical position. Immersion In order for the readings of the hydrometer to be correct, the emergent stem must be dry, except in the immediate vicinity of the meniscus. Instructions for Use The following instructions must be followed in order to achieve accurate results.

Thoroughly cleanse the hydrometer and cylinder or clear glass jar. Fill the cylinder or glass jar to within 5 cm of the top. Thorough mixing of the liquid is required before the hydrometer test is made. This serves to disperse layers of the liquid of different density and temperature.

When testing, the temperatures of the hydrometer and the spirits must be equal. The hydrometer must be lowered carefully into the liquid to a point two divisions deeper than that to which it naturally sinks and then allowed to float freely. Air bubbles must be allowed to disappear from the surface of the hydrometer and the liquid before taking the scale reading. To take a reading from the hydrometer scale, observe a point slightly below the plane of the liquid surface fig.

The point where this line fig. The above technique is applicable to unobscured spirits only.





Alcoholometric Tables


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