Riyadi clinched and preserved the title while competing with the best teams in the Arab worlds and was crowned Champion of the Arabs in in Dubai, in in Rabat, in in Jaddah, and in in Beirut. Ismail Ahmad claimed the MVP title of the tournament. Riyadi has also won Housameddine Hariri RIP International Tournament ten times in,,and In the final game, Al Riyadi smashed Sagesse in Manara by 40 ptsand ended the series a by clean sweep of Right before the kick off of the season, Riyadi claimed Housameddine Hariri tournament the 17th in Saida by beating Al Ahli Egypt InRiyadi defeated the strongest teams in the continent, including Mahram from Iran in the final game. In this recurring annual tournament, Riyadi competed against some of the strongest teams in the Arabic world. This was also the first time that Coach Fouad Abou Chakra wins this very prestigious tournament.

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Samuhn Also inon April 22nd to be exact, the team and for the first time in its history won the Lebanese Cup after easily beating Sagesse in the final which was held in the Sports City, to clinch the doublet of Lebanese Cups and strengthens its position as the strongest team on the Lebanese soil. Our Intern Jonathan explores the meaning and history of Coptic tattoos http: Participants reported being verbally and physically assaulted, Lachgar said.

Agudat Yisrael [Union of Israel] Israel. With that achievement, Riyadi now has 2 Pan Arab Cups under riyzdi belt. Agricultural Reformation Authority Egypt. Organizations In April ofRiyadi knocked Sagesse out of the Lebanese Cup championship in the semi-final game and then sweeped Champville off in the final game by 26 pts The browser or device you are using is out of date.

Admas Foundation The Netherlands. Riyadi introduced for the first time in many years, the Lebanese Tiger Fadi Al Khatib, on their main roster. Riyadi has also clinched Damascus International Tournament cup in after tiyadi some of the best Arab teams in the region.

Uw steun blijft heel belangrijk!! Agape TV channel Egypt. African Methodist Episcopal Church International. In the final game, Al Riyadi smashed Sagesse in Manara by 40 ptsand ended the series a by clean sweep of Fouad Abou Chakra became the only coach in Lebanon to win that title 7 times consequently! Khatib signed with Riyadi after the deadline of signing Lebanese players, which means that he will be able to participate with the champions of Lebanon in international tournaments only and not in the Lebanese ql for the season.

Riyadi, thus became the No. Agency for Development Cooperation Norway. Please update your browser. After three teens were arrested in October in the northeastern city of Nador and charged with violating public decency for posting photos on Facebook of two of them kissing, Lachgar organized a kiss-in outside of the Moroccan parliament in Rabat.

Administration for Civil Affairs Egypt. The game was scheduled to be played on neutral territory at the Jordanian capital of Amman. Riyadi had qualified to the final series after overcoming Blue Starsand Mouttahid reached it by knocking out Sagesse Riyadi is also the only team to be crowned Champion rigadi the Arabs for 5 times of which 4 were in a row.

Assyrian International News Agency. Onze wensen voor een gezegend Ace Custis, who signed with Riyadi for the finals period, helped the team along with the second import and Captain of the team, Ismail Ahmad. Dialogue in the line of Dr. The Arab Championship was held in Alexandria, Egypt with the participation of a, of the best Arabic teams around. InRiyadi defeated the strongest teams in the continent, including Mahram from Iran in the final game.

Did Morsi actually win the elections? She did not immediately respond to an interview request from Al Jazeera. Afro-Asian Writers Union Egypt. Recent Post Dec 31, Our Heroes were crowned Champions of Lebanon for the 6th time in a row, after beating the all star Champville in the final after a tough season. Few days after they were crowned undefeated champions of Lebanon for the seasonAl-Riyadi team headed to Dubai, UAE and participated in Hamdan Ben Rashed Tournament which wl held during the month of May They had also won the title in when Jordan were the hosts.

Academy of the Arabic Language Egypt. Al Riyadi swept off Sagesse in the final with the first game ending with 23 pts difference, the second with 29 pts khahar, and the 3rd with 22 pts difference. Aden-Abyan Islamic Army group Yemen. Related Posts.





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