Zolojinn No one is that stupid. Phil is vabderboegh grandfatherly guy who always did the right thing. Let the country slide into the abyss. After you get the cars burning, set the barn on fire.

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I use such material in an effort to advance understanding of political, human rights, economic, scientific, and social justice issues. In accordance with Title 17 U. Section , the material on this site is used without profit. Exposed movement without fire is disastrous. There must be effective fire combined with skillful movement. As a newly-arrived platoon commander in Vietnam, I ordered fire team rushes during the heat of one of my first contacts.

I was subsequently amazed to watch a lone figure burst forth from the squad on my left, and I rushed to query the squad leader concerning his understanding of my orders. It probably was more common than being blessed with a continual full complement of Marines. In fact, its very frequency serves to cast aspersions upon the effectiveness of the fire team. If a fire team sustains only two casualties, or even one in some instances, it simply ceases to exist as a tactical or maneuver unit.

Thus it seems that this vital link, which provides the foundation for our entire tactical and administrative structure, lacks the flexibility to function properly at less than full strength. That was back in the Nineties, after Waco. It was just Bill and his friend Denny Powell. One buddy team. Friends in high school, both of them were now veterans.

Now they each had teenage sons, two of whom also shouldered weapons in the squad. That was the way it was with militia, a confluence of like-minded friends, bolstered by family.

There were folks who allowed themselves to be paralyzed by fear of linking up with others, worried and not necessarily irrationally about federal snitches, provocateurs, or just garden-variety nut-burgers. Not Bill and Denny. It probably helped that they each had lots of cousins.

There were four cousins in the squad. But the rest were just friends or neighbors they met over coffee at school events, talking politics, finding like minds and, more importantly, people willing to do something more than talk.

Another buddy team plus theirs and now they had a fire team. It was pure dumb luck that they ran into another bunch of guys training in the Bankhead National Forest one weekend in Over the years, the unit had waxed and waned, dropping men who fell out because of changing circumstances or, more often, the demands of their wives.

As Cheryl told him with a tinge of exasperation, "You know, we wives get together out of self-defense. And for the most part, they always came back. After Y2K and the passing of the Clintonistas from the national political stage, more men dropped out because they thought the threat had evaporated with the political retirement of the Great Fornicator. But with the election of the current president, and especially after the Battle of Sipsey Street, events had once again conspired to bring the old volunteers back, bringing younger, newer ones with them.

What was it Ben Franklin had said? Fitness was the key to living in combat, Bill knew, and he insisted upon it. Now events had managed to grab all of their attention. In fact, the new volunteers scared up by the current crisis had allowed him to spin off another squad of the guys who were too old, too young, too out-of-shape, or who had health conditions of one kind or another.

John now had his people busy extending and improving the system of supply caches that Bill and Denny had started back in the Nineties in the Forest, and up in the Sipsey Wilderness area.

They were also working on getting communications links of various kinds up and running. But there were plenty of young, experienced soldiers and Marines back from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan who were far better suited for what was coming.

Even so, if the volunteers kept coming in at this rate, he could have another combat-ready squad in a month, maybe less. Parker had come back from Iraq with a Silver Star and the rest of the men looked up at him as a demi-god of war, which he damn near was. He certainly was a competent squad leader, Bill thought, probably -- no, positively -- better than me.

Besides, Bill and Denny were like an old married couple by now. But if they grew much bigger, eventually Bill was going to be a platoon leader not a squad leader, and then what would he do with Denny? Denny had insisted that if they ever got big enough, they should organize along the lines of a Marine rifle squad -- three four-man fire teams and a squad leader.

We ought to try to grow this as big as we can. They would use the proven triangular Marine system -- one attacking, two providing cover fire and security -- and they would concentrate on making competent riflemen who could move, communicate and most of all shoot, dealing out deadly, aimed, semiautomatic fire. Of course they were hampered initially by the miscellany of weaponry the volunteers brought to the task. It was better now. The best shot in each fire team was a dedicated marksman now with a semi-auto rifle in 7.

The 7. At the outset of World War II, the Marine rifle squad was composed of 12 men, with no particular internal organization. This setup literally came under fire early in that war, as it proved immensely difficult for a squad leader to maintain control over as many as 11 men at one time. Therefore, after a number of attempts to rectify the I e situation, our present fire team organization was instituted in It has a number of advantages over the former system, and has been widely heralded due to its "triangular concept" which offers maximum control, maneuverability, and firepower.

This was perhaps the greatest advantage of the new system as the squad leader had three subordinate leaders in his span of control instead of 11 men. This produced more effective supervision.

With the creation of a Four man fire team, a smaller tactical unit capable of independent maneuver evolved.

This served to eliminate the spur of the moment "you take Smith and Jones and go over there" approach and ostensibly brought into existence a bonafide maneuver element below the squad level.

Fire team formations were designed to protect the automatic rifleman, and one rifleman was assigned a secondary mission of aiding the automatic rifleman in, finding targets and reloading magazines.

This arrangement was highly successful in exploiting the BAR and later the M automatic to full advantage; the maximum use and protection of the automatic rifle seems to be the main justification behind the present fire team concept. With the advent of the M, however, this nucleus of the fire team has disappeared. Now there may be justification for reorganization. In this regard, it is recognized that Marine Corps planners are searching for a heavy automatic weapon which would provide the fire team with the same type of firepower that the BAR and M automatic did; however, two points must necessarily be made concerning this.

First, there is currently no such weapon in use, and no positive guarantee that one will be found, while the M is currently being used. And secondly, instead of finding a new automatic rifle of this type, perhaps a better solution would be to retain the M and reorganize the fire team.

Who could have believed in the early years of this decade, when they were scraping by with doing mini-FTXs with six guys armed with whatever they could scrape together, that he would have this problem? Your squad is built upon its teams. You have to grab that BAR and get it into operation. You have to keep it in operation. You will be the BAR man.

At present, there are three Browning Automatic Rifles assigned to each rifle squad, with nine in a rifle platoon.

This gives each company 27 BARs. Because these weapons are light, maneuverable, and have great firepower, they are the most vital weapons of your platoon.

You must learn all about the BAR now as future insurance. Oh, yeah, and bring a couple of your best guys. It was three days after what the press was calling "The Winston County Massacre. Those few federal undercover agents still in place wore ABI surveillance that was as close and intimate as their underwear. The feds no longer ruled Winston County. Will was waiting for Bill and his boys on the porch when they drove up.

Will cut him off with an upraised palm. Will unlocked the high-security padlock on the sliding door. Overhead flourescents flickered into brilliance. Bill Curtis and Denny Powell followed Will in. Mike Parker turned and slid the door shut.

Mike Parker whistled softly. The barn was packed with crates, Bill saw. No, not just crates, military crates. Some had tarps over them and some had recent spray black paint over the markings.

What the. Will turned to face Bill Curtis. About 32, with more coming in every day," Curtis answered. I would have. So he merely replied, "Yeah, they buried the Sheriff today on account of some of those domestic enemies.

Almost all of the county and half the state had turned out for it. The Governor was even there. So was Jack Durer. The three men gaped at the sight. Shipman smiled indulgently, like a dime store Santa Claus at a bunch of goggle-eyed kids. It is new and fresh out of the cosmoline. How much ammunition?

Twenty magazines and rounds of ball in bandoleers and stripper clips per rifle.


Three Percenters

What is Absolved? Who is Mike Vanderboegh? The only flaw in their master plan was that their co-conspirator was an undercover FBI agent. So, how is Absolved? The first chapter of Absolved starts in media res, which is a fancy way of saying that Phil Gordon is being raided by ATF agents referred to throughout as "thugs".


End the War on Freedom

Shakinos For the coterie of my Internet friends, neither needs an introduction. Even so, Kraut is a better man than me bby smarter, more aggressive in his actions, and more competent. This is fundamentally wrong. They believed that almost 50 million abortions was state-sanctioned mass murder that put the German Nazis to shame.

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