Twelve Red Herrings Jeffrey Archer These twelve stories feature people under pressure: how do they react when there is an opportunity to seize, a crucial problem to solve, a danger to avoid? Each tale has its twist, each its diversion — a red herring to uncover, while the last one provides a choice of endings. The trial had lasted for eighteen days, and from the moment the judge had entered the courtroom the public benches had been filled to overflowing. The jury at Leeds Crown Court had been out for almost two days, and rumour had it that they were hopelessly divided. Suddenly there was a buzz in the corridors, and the members of the jury filed quietly into their places. Press and public alike began to stampede back into court.

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Definitely not my favorite, but it is great for learning vocabulary and idioms at an advanced English level. Trial and Error This one was way too long for a short story. Interesting and well-thought-out, but ultimately, not that enjoyable nor entertaining.

Cheap At Half the Price This one was way shorter, and way more enjoyable. I enjoyed the witty voice of the narrator and the description of the 12 Red Herrings was required reading for university so I might be a bit biased in my lack of enjoyment.

I enjoyed the witty voice of the narrator and the description of the charcaterss, even if they were quite stereotypical. The ending was clever, but not very shocking. But I did not know these rowing competitions between universities were a thing, so I guess every day is a school day.

Chunnel Vision At this point in this collection it became pretty obvious that Archer has a thing for creating women who are beautiful but superficial and spiteful creatures that just want money out of men. Shoeshine Boy This was one of the few that I actually really liked. The main couple was loveable and it was so fun watch them get their shit together before a special guest arrived; it was quite relatable. It had two plot twists that I absolutely did not see coming and it was very interesting how the author used our own heteronormativity to build the red herring.

Never Stop on the Motorway This story is pure anxiety. It had me in the edge of my seat the whole time and the plot twist was amazing. I loved it. Not for Sale One of the most enjoyable ones.

I really liked our protagonist and the ending had a nice twist, even if it was comical. This is a quality review. An Eye for an Eye I felt this one was really entertaining and atmospheric. It was very enjoyable. The last story has four different endings and although that is a unique, creative idea, the endings were not that entertaining.


Twelve Red Herrings

Her first two husbands — one an Arab, the other a Jew Consuela showed no racial prejudice when it came to signing marriage contracts — had not quite left her in a position that would guarantee her financial security once her natural beauty had faded. But two more divorce settlements would sort that out. With this in mind, Consuela estimated that she only had another five years before the final vow must be taken. Consuela had travelled to the airport by chauffeur-driven car from their mansion in the Hamptons, while her husband had been taken from his Wall Street office in a second chauffeur-driven car. They met up in the Concorde lounge at JFK. When they had landed at Heathrow another limousine transported them to the Ritz, where they were escorted to their usual suite without any suggestion of having to sign forms or book in.





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