I was intrigued, but not super thrilled about the fact that it was written in "novel" form. I think personal growth books that are written as stories tend to be kind of cheesy. But I read the book anyway for the information. One of the main things that really struck me was this thought: "

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One day his car breaks down outside a mansion and he meets an older gentleman, named Charlie, who appears to be the garden keeper for the house. Charlie shares the wisdom of the Twelve Pillars that helped the owner of the house build his fortune. Here are the twelve pillars that Charlie learned. Charlie explains that getting paid is not about how hard you work or how many hours you put in, its about how valuable you are to the market place. The same company pays different people different wages.

To get paid more then you have to become more valuable. This is done by working harder on yourself than you do on your job. For things to get better in your life you have to get better. This can be done by simply reading one chapter of a good book each day. We must take care of ourselves physically each day. We must learn how to take control of our emotions so they work for us and not against us and we must also take care of our spirit which can be done with a short meditation or prayer each week.

Pillar 3 — The Gift of Relationships Our relationships are one of the most important factors to becoming successful. Charlie explains that our relationships are like a garden. We must cultivate them and make sure to get rid of any weeds that are growing. One of the simple ways to cultivate your relationships is just to spend more time with the most important people in your life.

This can be family or friends. That night Michael goes home and spends more time with his wife which was well needed. The ones that do often keep them in their head like marbles rattling around. You must write your goals down. This simple act of writing down your goals helps program your mind on what it is you want. Note that all top achievers have clear written goals.

One of the best things you can do with time management is to know the difference between important tasks and urgent tasks. Most people waste their time on urgent tasks that pop up during the day and then they never get the important tasks done.

A good habit to develop is writing down what needs to be done the day before and making sure that your one most important task is done at the beginning of the day. Pillar 6 — Surround Yourself With the Best People It is said that you will earn what the five closest people around you earn. You will be as happy as the five closest people around you are. The people you associate with play a big part in what you get in life. You must learn how to associate with the people that already have what you want or who you would like to become like and disassociate from people who are holding you back.

You do not have to ignore your friends but you may have to spend a little less time with them. It is important to create a habit of constant learning. This can be done by simply reading part of a good book each day, taking courses and listening to audio training. The better you get the easier everything else will become.

Charlie explains that the owner of the house reads one book a week. Pillar 8 — Life is Sales Pillar 8 explains that everything in life is sales. Even when we are children we are selling to our parents for everything we want. When we get a job we have to sell ourselves. We are being sold to all the time with TV, radio, books, magazines, internet, billboards, leaflets etc. Sales is one of the most important skills to learn no matter what you do.

This one skill can triple your income in one year. Pillar 9 — Income Seldom Exceeds Personal Development In pillar 9 your learn that your income seldom exceeds your personal development. This is not a coincidence. People who read become more valuable and when you are more valuable you get paid more money. Begin building your library. You can start by buying this book. Pillar 10 — Communication Brings Common Ground of Understanding Effective communication is the key to building relationships.

Remember This: Everything you do in life involves other people. The better you can communicate with people the better you are going to do. The keys to effective communication is simply listening. The world needs more leaders. Great leadership is about having a clear vision of what you are trying to achieve and genuinely wanting to improve other peoples lives.

There was a letter that was left that simply said life is short. I hope you found these twelve pillars valuable and they have somehow improve your life.

It is now your turn to leave a legacy for someone else you care about.


Twelve Pillars

Vudot Pillar 8 explains that everything in life is sales. Searching and learning are where the miracle process all begins. Charlie explains that the owner of the house reads one book a week. Aug 03, Rebecca Thatcher rated it it was amazing. You cannot choose how long you will live, but you can choose how well you live. The body is made up of three parts: Look for common ground.





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