Apart from WiFi Four Ethernet ports are also available. This Modem can be configured very easily through a user friendly web interface. Modem Configuration Now let us configure the Modem for broadband connection. Power on the Modem and follow the steps. Now the first page of Modem Configuration page will be displayed. See the screenshot 2.

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Posts 8, Now that we have the modem up and running lets get the wifi bit working so you could connect your machines using wifi. If you are carrying on from the above steps without a break then you obviously still have the modem setup page open but lets assume that some people were feeling adventurous and started browsing the net using the lan cable itself and are now back to check out how to set up wifi..

The page would look like the very first screen shot I posted above but lets not make your lazt hand scroll up so heres the screen shot again : The above page is the same initial screen shot and I am using a different connection not using this modem right now so in your page you should now have some values in front of the following fields : Line Rate - Upstream Kbps : 0 Line Rate - Downstream Kbps : Not zeros as shown in the screen shot if you are connected.

Assuming that you are connected to the net lets now try setting up wifi Click on "Wireless" in the left hand side menu and you will see this page : As shown in the above page you need to check Enable wireless field right at the top.

It will be the name of your wireless network and will help you identify which network is yours so name it Dlink or anything really. Mine is a warning for those who try to steal bandwidth Scares the hell out of people some times. For country select your country, India in my case. Max clients make it whatever number you feel necessary. This is a router not a pure AP so keep it low. Companies claim up to 50 or 60 I am not sure but once you have connections going your router will start gasping for air.

It is radio waves after all not a magic wand and these things have limitations. Before you go to the next step.. Click on "Security" Which is under the main menu Wireless to the left of your screen and you would this page as you see in the screen shot below : I will write another tutorial on WPS some time Lets stay focused on what we are trying to do at the moment.

Second setting is "Select SSID:" Here you need to choose the name you had set up for your wifi network Dlink or whatever you choose to name it in the earlier page. Next setting is"Network Authentication" Here choose the option which says "WPA-personal" which is second from the bottom on this model. We are all set unless you want to set up MAC filteration and some other fancy bells and wisteles.

Oh well.. Let me write a few lines on this and get it over and done with. The below is not for every one. Just those who want to set up mac filter. What is MAC filteration? Well every machine has a MAC address and this router has the ability to deny connections to machines that do not have the MAC address pre saved in the router. How to set up Mac filtration?

Go to the MAC filter menu and select "allow" mode and then enter the mac addresses of all your machines that you wish to allow connections to and you are all set. You are most probably not doing it the way I have described above along with screen shots so reset using the reset button at the bottom of the modem. If you still cant get it to work then please post here and lets see how we can troubleshoot Happy browsing Shall we not hit that facebook like button on the top left?


How to Use Dlink 2730U as a repeater

Mazurr It worked fine for hrs and than wifi connection dropped. But i get a red dssl after configuring the router. Moto G Turbo after 4 months of heavy usage. Click the Next Button for next page. How can i configure dlink u with version 1. I was able to set up my routes with ease.


Dlink 2730u for ACT ?

Gokus We strongly advise you to avoid using this form of wireless connection. To learn more about this, read our guide titled What is WPS. Get the latest updates delivered to your inbox. An important part of securing your wireless network is choosing a strong password. Be sure to use only channels 16or Never share your personal information in the comments section.


How do I setup my ADSL router for Internet Access?

So most of the users using the ADSL modem provided by their service providers and pay the monthly rent of the modem which will increases the cost of their internet bills. Step 2 : Power up the device by connecting power adapter then connect the RJ 11 The direct wire of your phone connection to the RJ 11 port of your modem and connect the RJ45 cable to your DSL modem and then connect it to your computer in the Lan port. Select your preferd language and click on start. Step 4 : Make sure that you have power up the device and the device is showing green colour light below the power tab as showed in the below pic after ensuring that click on next. Step 5 : Connect device to your computer through RJ 45 Lan cable which we have already did in step 1. After ensuring that your device is connected to computer and the front link led is showing up , click on next.


DSL Broadband Modem Configuration : Dlink 2730U/2750U with WiFi setup


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