Two birds, one stone. Best of both worlds. You get the picture. Wolters extends the traditional cycle of creation, fall, and redemption to include the necessity of Christian involvement in the process.

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Friday, January 12, Albert Wolters, Creation Regained Understanding the Christian worldview is essential for Christians as they engage the world and be obedient to Scripture. So says Albert Wolters in Creation Regained. In this short book, Wolters sets out to explain what a worldview is, and therefore its importance, and then briefly outlines the major components of a specifically Christian worldview.

He then concludes with a discussion of how this worldview can be put into action through using the categories of structure and direction to discern appropriate ways of life and action. This careful definition points to a number of major themes that define what a worldview is: it is about things, that is, everything from politics to cosmology to God; it involves belief, that is, reasoned and committed assertions; and it is a comprehensive framework, meaning that it involves a system of interconnected beliefs that define how we see the world.

Wolters goes on to assert that worldview is an essential field of study, because everyone has a worldview, whether they know it or not, and our worldview helps define how we see the world and understand ourselves in it. After laying this important groundwork, Wolters spends the next three chapters defining and elaborating on the three major components of a Christian worldview: creation, fall, redemption. Wolters carefully investigates each of these areas, gaining important insights about how Christians should understand these central themes in our understanding of God, the world, and our place in it.

He then puts this insight into practice through using the concepts of structure and direction. Structure is the good way in which God has created something, its essence, the way something is as part of the order of creation.

Direction is the orientation of that thing, its use and development along the plane of sin and redemption. Wolters has written an important study on what it means to be a Christian in the world. Worldview is an absolutely essential category for understanding the Christian life, and for understanding Christian interaction with all of life. It is a good introduction to these topics, written at a level that all intelligent readers will be able to appreciate and learn from.

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Creation Regained: Biblical Basics for a Reformational Worldview (2nd edition)

I ordered it based on its title alone which often proves to be a big mistake. From its opening chapter on worldview, I knew I had discovered a treasure. As I read what Al Wolters had to say about creation, fall and redemption, I found myself repeatedly exclaiming Yes! Until then, I had read only a few other books that resonated with the vast redemptive scope of Matthew , Acts Several years ago, while researching the New Earth for my book Heaven, I stumbled online upon Creation Regained. Regrettably, I have seen few since. For too long we have reduced and distorted the gospel to the snatching of souls from earth to a distant and intangible realm suitable for angels, not people. Yet the Bible shows that in His unfolding drama of redemption, God is at work to reclaim not just our souls, but our bodies, and not just our bodies, but the Earth from which that first human body was made, and over which God purposed us to reign.


Creation Regained: Biblical Basics for a Reformational Worldview / Edition 2



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