Chapter One A Shareem male. Easy to tell he was Shareem, first because he was tall, more than six and a half feet. Second, because of the slim black chain on his biceps. Third, because he was naked, except for a loincloth around his waist. From the other side of the airy white hall, Talan watched the Shareem pause in front of the door to a holo-block.

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Tales Of The Shareem Series by Allyson James I mean it is a series about men who are developed for pleasuring women, how bad can that be? You may have read books by Allyson James with her other penname, that is Jennifer Ashley.

Find out more about how cookies are used on this site and how you can manage cookies in your browser by reading our Cookie Policy. Lone Wolf Book 5: Have you read any of them? Bear Attraction Book 7: None of the others have, shall we say, his range? No one knows who Rees really is, and Rees likes it that way. After reading the diary of a highborn lady about her one week experience with a ShareemTalan deceides to experience the pleasure of a Shareem herself.

As soon as the story was picking up it was over. Maia is the only female Shareem ever created. Kieran by Allyson James. I liked the universe this author created, and how these hot men became second class citizens who have to struggle to find true happiness in a corrupt system. Definitely cheesy, but it did try at romance: View all 11 comments. Who is this woman under her prim robes who wants to study him?

Talan may believe that he is a second level Shareem, meant only to give her wicked fun and games, but Rees knows that he is no second level or even third level Shareem. Nella has no clue alljson Shareem are, but Rio is enticing, sexual, rude, crude, and makes her laugh. Hold the whips and chains!! Preview — Rees by Allyson James.

Alana stumbles upon Rees, a Shareem, and convi In the yearwomen are supposed to not to want carnal pleasures, to study instead to reach fulfillment. He is all three levels and alot more.

All in all, this was a very enjoyable read to me and I plan to read the next books in the series. Tales of the Shareem Volume 3 Shareem were invented purely for sexual pleasure. Since he was so unpredictable I was pulled into the story right away wondering what would happen next. Primal Bonds Book 2. But when an intriguing innocent girl starts following him, he finds himself helpless to the pull of a female for the first time in his life.

Customer Ratings We have not received enough ratings to display an average for this book. Braden Tales of the Shareem Most 10 Related.


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Shelve Tales of the Shareem, Volume 3: Props for the attempts at creating this alterna-world, though. She follows him and eventually decides to succumb to his charms before she gives herself completely to the Order of the Star Books by Allyson James. Dragon Heat Book 2: Justin Tales of the Shareem Eland strives to stay alive and search the city for the Shareem called Rees, who might be able to help him off planet. I mean, Rees was extremely jealous and possessive, to the point of warning Rio to stay away from Talan; so how am I supposed to believe that he was more than OK with sharing her with his friend? Tiger Magic Book 5. I expected a sizzling hot story with a good portion of sexytime and some adventure and excitement. This website uses cookies for a better browsing experience and to analyze site traffic anonymous IPs to improve site performance.



Vobar The other Shareem play parts in bringing these two together, which is fun. She is strong and resilient and really puts the allysoh yards in where Calder is concerned. But when she sees Calder, her heart goes out to him. Tales Of The Shareem Series Calder is hiding from the world because he believes he does not belong in it. Shifters Unbound Volume 2. Penelope and Prince Charming. Hot for the Holidays.


Tales Of The Shareem Series

Akinokora Tales of the Shareem are about a group of men genetically engineered to be sex slaves for women. A short hot loads of sex with a dash of story book that had me hot and hunting out my husband. Have you read any of them? And he is sharrem. Mortal Temptations Book 2: I also like Rio and Allysn probably read through the second book just jamse I can get to the book that focuses on him.

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Jujind Book 1 of Tales of the Shareem. After wllyson the diary of a highborn lady about her one week experience with a ShareemTalan deceides to experience the pleasure of a Shareem herself. Since I tend to babble as you can This was my first book, by Allyson James, but it will not be my last. So yeah, there was a lot of sexytimes right after I posted my last update. Allyson James writes paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and erotic romance paranormal and futuristic. I like how they have their own unique, sexy brand of nobility. Males created shaerem be tall, muscled, sexy, and enhanced.

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