There are over 50 exercises detailed in the accompanying workout guide as well as many variations. It also comes with a workout DVD. The Weider Total Body Works uses body weight as resistance via a glide board that attaches to a cable and pulley system similar to the design of its competitor, the Total Gym. Kneeling Row The kneeling row exercise works the back, biceps and shoulders. To do a kneeling row, kneel on the glide board facing the Total Body Works upright.

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Its made with innovation where your body weight is the main workout, but to make it more challenging several bungee cords can be used to increase the resistance. This machine is not the newer model but it is still the favorite among many simply because it offers best value for money. Extra power bands provides resistance upto 50 pounds. Not exactly a home gym but provides users a combination of a Home gym and a squat rack.

It offers the opportunity to perform different kinds of exercise routines. Contains one of a kind pulley system and bungee cords which can be modified. This is the Weider total body works model and we will be reviewing based on this model and the presentation,information and everything else will be based on this. Over 80 Different exercises More than 80 different exercises for every part of the body can be performed with this machine from squats to bicep curls.

No need for expensive gym membership or expensive equipment, Weider total body works is a one time investment and your go to gym mecca.

Make-up and construction. Weider total body works is made up of 2 piece frame made of steel tubing and durable steel support. The bottom part slides into the top part, a pull-knob holds them together. The top has a sleek finish of chrome, while the latter part and the footplate, handlebar and incline adjustment leg has a sleek black finish.

The material is corrosion resistant and scratch resistant. Typically, the bench is spacious enough to allow you to adjust yourself within the framework completely and also gives you the freedom to do various exercises with quite ease. Taller users would have difficulty performing all kinds of exercises but certain exercises like leg extensions and half squats can be easily done with this machine.

The bench features ample padding, so that you can workout with comfort and ease. Upholstery is made of thick vinyl material, durable, made for at least 2 years of continuous usage. Industrial quality ball bearings are implemented on the bench as they glide on a set of rollers. When it comes to the other parts of the machine, there are quite several aspects to mention. The pulleys are made with a combination of nylon and steel, which are infact very sturdy and durable. Cables are made up of military standard rope.

Maximum user weight is kg and the cables can support much more than that. The footplate for squats and leg presses is pretty much a simple steel plate attachment. Portability When fully assembled, the machine is not extremely heavy. Around 35kgs of weight and is very easy to carry and store, takes up little space as well, but maybe length-wise it takes up a some space. The frame features a folding design and which makes it much easy to store. For storage,unlock the frame pin, slide the bottom frame all the way up into the top frame, fold the incline adjustment leg into horizontal position, and remove the footplate and the handlebar.

This way, the machine becomes approx. It can also be stored vertically or against a wall, or you can slide it under the bed. TIP:Take out handlebars for more convenience. The weight capacity of this machine as discussed is about kgs and though the manufacturer specifies a maximum user weight capacity, the make and construction can easily take a person weighing 5 to 10 kgs more. How Weider Total Body works? There are 3 main components involved which is the bungee cords or cables which adds resistance,your own body weight and the incline leg.

There are many variations that you can use with this machine, so basically you can put your feet in the incline leg for squats or you can use the upper pulleys, with your feet enclosed in the bench to perform pull ups, we shall go on some of the varieties of exercises you can do with this.

Varieties of Exercises: A Variety of exercises can be performed with Weider for every part of the body. Some of them include: Shoulder exercises.


Weider Total Body Works 5000 Home Gym Review



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