Note that any related adjustments to AP Exams, such as length or content covered, may not be reflected on all AP Central pages. Note: the scoring worksheet uses past averages, so the cut score ranges may not fully align with the exam standards. You continue to have access to the and secure practice exams. Both are available as full practice exams on the AP Course Audit site and as individual questions in the question bank. As a reminder, these exams are most appropriate for student practice late in the school year, as the exam date approaches.

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Currently, each AP exam will last 45 minutes and include only free-response questions. This is in contrast to many unofficial practice materials, which can be either hit or miss in terms of their predictive value for the exam. Practice tests that were not created by the College Board might have questions that are phrased or formatted differently, or are too easy or too hard. Unfortunately, there are no official AP Human Geography practice tests available.

That said, the College Board does offer many prep materials, just not in the form of full-length tests. Here are the best practice resources we could find for official AP Human Geography questions. Additionally, we managed to track down the AP Human Geography Course Description , which has 23 multiple-choice questions and six free-response questions. Note that these questions are not aligned to the new format of the exam, so keep this in mind as you practice.

Authenti City is a great place. The people are so honest, and their practice tests are the best you can get anywhere. You will not be able to escape from reality. These materials can be useful, but you should still avoid taking them completely at face value. Usually, this means just skipping 15 multiple-choice questions. This free PDF also includes helpful answer explanations.

The tests have automatic scoring, and each one is given a preliminary difficulty level rating. Varsity Tutors also has tons of mini practice quizzes listed by concept if you want to practice topic-specific questions, as well as flashcards that will help you learn all the terminology for this course. Most books offer at least two full-length AP practice tests. Read our article on the best review books for AP Human Geography to get a sense of which ones might fit your studying needs.

Fortunately, many sites offer short quizzes on specific geography topics and regions. This site offers a free question practice exam for AP Human Geography. Every question is similar to what you will see on the real test, with five answer choices labeled A-E.

You can even download PDFs of some quizzes to take them on paper as you will on test day. SoftSchools offers a series of question practice quizzes on each topic. Chapter Quizzes for Human Geography: Landscapes of Human Activities, 11th Edition With this site, you can select a chapter from the navigation bar on the left and scroll down to find a link to its corresponding multiple-choice quiz.

This website provides fun exercises that will help you learn exactly where everything is. You can progress through tutorial, beginner, and advanced levels in various activities that test your knowledge of the political and geographic divisions that exist within each continent. I made up that statistic, but it might as well be real!

Make use of sites that divide up questions by subject, such as Albert and CrackAP. You can also practice writing answers to free-response questions that pertain to the topics your class has covered. Take a full-length practice test and score it so you can get a better sense of your knowledge and abilities. After you take your practice Human Geography test, revisit all the questions you missed, taking note of their content.

If not, you should think about what went wrong in reviewing your mistakes. Did you only look them over haphazardly? Was the environment too distracting? At some schools, AP Human Geography is a semester-long class.

You will be able to start the second semester study process outlined above as soon as you finish the class. There will be plenty of time to take practice tests after your class has covered all the material, so it will be easier to get an accurate reading on your score level before the AP test.

If you take AP Human Geography second semester, the review process should be essentially the same as if it were a year-long class. The first-semester advice will apply to the first half of your second semester, and the second-semester advice will apply to the second half.

You can afford to progress at a more leisurely pace in your studying if you take the class during your first semester because you have a few months that you can devote to preparing for the AP test. By far the best questions to use in your prep are those released by the College Board. But you can also use unofficial practice tests and quizzes at any time throughout the school year to practice more topic-specific questions for in-class assessments and prepare for the AP test as a whole.

Be sure to reflect carefully on your answers to every Human Geography practice test so you can assess where you went wrong and revisit relevant content. Practice tests should play a key role in your review for any AP exam. Check out the upcoming AP test dates along with expert tips for making it through the test period with your sanity intact.

Find out how AP exams and Subject Tests differ from each other and which scores will make more of an impact on your admissions chances. Download it for free now:.


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