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Ask a question Preface Goswami Tulsidas V. He was a prolific writer par-excellence, and his corpulent devotional Hindi literature. Acclaimed universally as a masterpiece next in importance to the epic Ram Charit Manas and equally venerated and honoured but more complex in use of the language and a fine example of literature majority of its verses are sung with the greatest of reverence and devotion among the masses in the Hindi belt of northern India see appdx.

Well, Vinai- Patrika as the name suggests is a motley collection of priceless, matchless, succulent, prayerful, devotional and philosophical hymns- most earnest very sincere absolutely magnificent and sublime of radiant and pristine beauty and highly intellectually evolved and a virtual practical guide not only in their message of true devotion e.

Tulsi das has successfully brought these concepts from the realm of abstract to that practical grasp and comprehension. Vinai- Patrika acts as a beacon light for an age which has become highly decadent perverse depraved wayward and reckless morally wicked mean and full of pervertness and turpitude sinking deeper and deeper in the eddy of ignorance delusions deceits hearsay pride pretensions, heresy and falsehoods.

He is presenting to us the remedy for our ills metaphorically in the form of Vinai Patrika, which is the ultimate fruits of his materialistic world as well as to them who indulge in it like there would be no tomorrow! They are not the ludicurous rantings of a frustrated sick mind but are compositions of high genius unparalled literature having deep insight into the unseen realm.

As to his repeated mention of his various shortcomings sins evils and vices we must remember that while confessing before the Lord there should be no concealment no sleight of hand and it should be done with utmost humility.

So, this would explain his style in the majority of the verse. With the whole world as a paper and the oceans as the ink one cannot write about the Lord for and there are also many other things the which if they should be written everyone I suppose that even the world itself would not contain the books that should be written The Bible Gospel of St.

I honestly say I am unaware how this book was ever written for it is beyond my humble capacity. But the fact that it did come into being is because the Lord wished it and on his inspiration Hanuman held the pen, and used my numb fingers to move it on and on. They are the culumination of his life-long quest of the real truth of existence and its meaning the Goal of life and how to reach it the essence of the Vedas and other scriptures all condensed and crystalised into gem-like marvelously narrated verses of pristine beauty.

Vinai- Patrika is the ultimate citadel in the realm of philosophical devotional literature ever written in Hindi. Silver Medalist , M. Administration , Post Graduate Dip. Tourism and Hotel Management Raj. University, Jaipur , Post Graduate Dip.

In Transport Management, Dip. Credit goes to them.


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This behaviour of Tulsi infuriated the orthodox brahmanas, who demanded an explanation. This attitude of Tulsi incensed the people further. In a fit of anger, they demanded that if the stone image of Nandi—the sacred bull in the temple of Shiva—would eat out of the hands of that murderer, then they would accept that he had been purified. The brahmanas were thus compelled to eat humble pie. However, this did not settle matters. The troubled Tulsidas then turned to Hanuman for help.


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विनय पत्रिका



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