Edit After entering the Central Cathedral, Kirito and Eugeo went to retrieve their weapons, while, along the way, Eugeo had an inner conflict about his actions since he left Rulid Village. After retrieving their weapons and changing their attire, they were confronted by Deusolbert Synthesis Seven, who fired a hail of arrows at them using his Divine Instrument, the Conflagrant Flame Bow. They beat the Integrity Knight and banter a bit with him about the Central Cathedral and the nature of its rule. Finally, they convinced the Integrity Knight not to pursue them.

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Bearbeiten After entering the Center Cathedral, Kirito and Eugeo go to retrieve their weapons, while, along the way, Eugeo is having an inner conflict about his actions since he left Rulid Village. After retrieving their weapons and changing their attire, they are confronted by Deusolbert Synthesis Seven, who fires a hail of arrows at them using his Divine Instrument, the Conflagrant Flame Bow.

They beat the Integrity Knight and banter a bit with him about the Central Cathedral and the nature of its rule. Finally, they convinced the Integrity Knight not to pursue them.

Part 2 Bearbeiten They then meet two ten-year-old girls, Fizel and Linel , on the 29th floor of the Cathedral. The girls talk to Eugeo, as Kirito was "bad with kids", asking if they were really monsters from the Dark Territory. When they boys claimed that they were real humans and they have come to the Cathedral to rescue their friend, the girls ask if they can take a closer look at them to confirm that they are not monsters.

Eugeo decides that that is alright, as he wants to prove to himself and them that he is a normal human. Finally, the girls ask the two youngsters for their names and ask if they have family names.

However, Fizel and Linen say that they do and reveal themselves to be "Synthesis Twenty-Eight" and "Synthesis Twenty-Nine", before suddenly paralyzing the duo with poison blades. As they drag the two youngsters to the 50th floor, they explain how they wish to kill the two in front of the other Integrity Knights, in order to prove themselves as full-fledged Integrity Knights and receive their own sacred weapons and armor. The four reach the 50th floor, where 5 Integrity Knights await.

The kids get into an argument with one of the knights, Fanatio Synthesis Two , before Eugeo sees a shadow quickly appearing behind the kids.

Kirito had managed to cast a Sacred Art that countered the poison from the venomous blades before the they were cut. He explains that he realized that the two girls were lying when they said that they were sisters of the church, as they ignored the order for the sisters of the church lock their doors. He also mentions that he noticed that the scabbards of the girls were made out of ruby evergreen oak, which is used for sheathings blades made out of a poisonous metal, thus he realized their plan and started chanting the ritual for countering poison, while Eugeo handled talking to the girls.

The four knights try to overwhelm Kirito by using their Sword Skills one after another, anticipating where their opponent would be after blocking one of their attacks, thus creating consecutive hit skills via group.

As the next Knight comes in to deal a blow, Kirito uses the previous Knight as a human shield by pulling the Knight atop of him, thus absorbing the blow from the attacking Knight. He then stabs the Knight and shoves him towards another charging Knight.

Fanatio continues to fire the rays of light at the black-clothed swordsman and, although Kirito manages to dodge a few of them, the 7th shot finally hits the target in the foot and Kirito crashes onto the floor. As the four supporting Knights have recovered from their injuries and have again surrounded Kirito, the overconfident Fanatio decides to explain the origin of the ray-shooting sword to Kirito while aiming at him in case he moves.

With the explanation complete, a final deadly ray is fired at the black swordsman. However, Kirito who used the time while Fanatio was busy talking to chant a Sacred Arts ritual uses the finished ritual to create a mirror through a combination of crystal and metal elements. Although the mirror is not powerful enough to stop the ray, it does buy Kirito enough time to dodge the ray, while part of the ray is deflected back at Fanatio.

The reflected beam however was only partially as strong as the original, and Fanatio was able to avoid it, with only their helmet struck by it Kirito uses the opportunity to close in on Fanatio, while she is distracted, with his outstanding speed, coming too close for her to use her light rays. The two then begin their magnificent ultra-high speed clash of swords.

With this, the ground a wave of ice quickly spreads through the floor and icy tendrils to start forming around the Integrity Knights, who had not been quick enough to avoid the attack.

The four knights are soon frozen into blocks of ice with blue ice roses blooming out of them, however, Fanatio manages to see through the nature of the attack in time, and jumps to avoid it. At that moment, Kirito finishes chanting the ritual for his sword and unleashes a pitch-black torrent of darkness, which clashes with the spear of light with explosive impact. With the battle finally over, Kirito collapses onto his knees due to the suffered injuries. After doing so, Eugeo joins Kirito and attempts to help his seal the fallen Knights wounds before she runs out of Life.

However, even with their efforts, the bleeding is too intense to handle, thus Kirito cries out for help from the Knight Leader and Cardinal. Shortly after Fanatio is stabbed with the dagger, the voice of Cardinal is heard. Cardinal then tells them that if they hurry, they might be able to reach and deal with Quinella before she awakens, thus they would not need the dagger.

She then takes her leave, with two small glass bottles left behind. Part 3 Bearbeiten After entering through the grand doors, instead of a grand staircase, Kirito and Eugeo found a spacious, but empty room with only a strange, smooth cavity in the middle of the floor and a shaft in the same shape as the room extending farther than they could perceive with their eyes.

Just as they were wondering how were they supposed to reach the higher floors, they saw a large disk descend from the shaft and a single young girl in the middle of it. Generating and bursting Aerial elements, the girl made the disk rise via blowing the resulting explosive wind gust downwards.

While riding, the two found out that the girl could not even remember her name and thus referred to herself as Elevating Operator, as that was how people who used the disk called her. They also found out that she had been operating the disk for years.

The disk soon reached the 80th floor and the two swordsmen got off onto the terrace, while the Elevating Operator descended back to the lower floors. There, they had a chance meeting with Alice, whom they have come to rescue. Alice, having no memories of them, shows no mercy. Alice, possessing an overpowering sword easily beats Kirito, but Eugeo manages to pull off his swords special move and immobilized both of them.

Alice, however, breaks the seal with ease. Kirito, seizing the opportunity, attacks with his special move. The special moves of Alice and Kirito clash, sending both of them tumbling out of the Center Cathedral, a few thousand mels off the ground. The wall broken by the special moves reseal itself and Eugeo tries to break it in an attempt to reach Alice and Kirito, before giving up in despair.


Sword Art Online Alicization Rising Novel Volume 12

It was the middle of December when I returned to my home in Kawagoe City in the Saitama prefecture after my rehabilitation period ended. I turned sixteen a couple of months before, but as I was challenging the fiftieth floor of Aincrad while my previous peers of the same grade were challenging the high school entrance examinations, there was obviously no school I could attend. However, there, the country brought forth an unimaginable relief measure. The middle- and high-schoolers which numbered over five hundred, out of the roughly six thousand players who returned alive from their imprisonment in SAO. It was decided that a school for all of them would be established in Nishitokyo, Tokyo from the April of , with no entrance examinations or school fees, and the qualification to take the entrance examinations for university upon graduating.


Sword Art Online Light Novel Volume 12


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