Switch Gear and Protection textbook are one of the famous textbook for engineering Students. In this book U. Bakshi and M. Bakshi explained every information neatly without any mistake. I think this book is enough for engineering students who are studying EEE.

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Protection and Switchgear

Bakshi , M. Bakshi Circuit Breakers - 1 Elementary principles of arc interruption, Recovery, Restriking voltage and recovery voltages, Restriking phenomenon, Average and max. Circuit Breakers - 2 Description and operation of following types of circuit breakers : Minimum oil circuit breakers, Air blast circuit breakers, Vaccum and SF6 circuit breakers. Electromagnetic and Static Relays Principle of operation and construction of attracted armature, Balanced beam, Induction disc and induction cup relays. Universal torque equation, Distance relays : Impedance, Reactance and mho and offset mho relays, Characteristics of distance relays and comparison. Static relays : Static relays versus electromagnetic relays. Generator Protection Protection of generators against stator faults, Rotor faults and abnormal conditions.

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